Lifestyle Articles

  • Why I became a sports and exercise nutritionist

    Realisation At 50 I realised my diet and sleep were terrible and I was in constant pain. I was an overweight middle-aged woman; tired all the time and could not sleep because of shoulder pain. I remember seeing pictures of myself on holidays and was shocked at how overweight and old I looked in the Read More
  • What are the Benefits of Life Coaching?

    What is Life Coaching? Life Coaching is the practice of working with a client in a consistent, non-judgmental way, and from a non-biased perspective. During the process, the coach will help to establish where a client is in their life right now, to work through and find out where they want to get to in Read More
  • Sleep

    5 Reasons why your efforts to get your sleep back have been a waste of time, nerves and money Today I want to talk about why you will never be able to sleep again, if you are only looking at “Sleep” as your problem. This might sound counterintuitive because, obviously you're not sleeping, so it Read More
  • Energy Healing

    Introducing myself, I am Bobi O’Rourke What is Holistic Coaching and Energy Healing? Holistic Coaching and Energy healing is a combined skill in which I use my intuition whilst hearing and sensing what it is that a person/client is experiencing and in what stage that they may be in their own journey. People/human beings are Read More