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Can you benefit from a ThetaHealing session? We usually blame other people or circumstances for whatever happens to us, letting negative thoughts control our reality and not take account for our own actions. Quick reality check: if there is something about your life that you want to change, chances are it’s your own beliefs that Read More

Time Based Techniques

There are so many different ways of assisting clients to transform, that I couldn’t possibly list them all – for fear of leaving something out. Yet, in the 30 years I’ve been involved in healing and evolving client’s models of the world, Time Techniques have been the most consistent and meaningful. I used to train Read More


A door between the conscious and unconscious mind. What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is defined as a natural altered state of consciousness, but what is that? Have you ever experienced the feeling of getting somewhere, driving or walking, and not knowing exactly where you went? Have you ever read a book or watched a film and Read More

How are you doing?

How are you doing?  Probably a silly question, right? I hope you are doing well in this crazy world right now but if you are not, I hope to give you some ideas and tips on how to deal with stress and anxiety that you might be suffering from. Even before this pandemic hit, there Read More

2 Birth Partner Rules

There has been many efforts recently by doulas across the country, via MVPs, letters to NHS trusts etc to change the current 2 birth partner rules (or lack thereof – more detail in the open letter linked below). Nothing seems to be making a dent and some of the responses (where there have been some) Read More

Holistic Animal Healing

What is Holistic animal healing and how does it work? Hi, I have been asked to write a piece on how you (the animal/ pet owner) can use holistic healing alongside conventional medication from your veterinarian to heal your animal/pet. I will start by saying that holistic healing is not a cure and your animal/pet Read More

Pregnancy and New Mum Yoga

How yoga can help you during pregnancy and as a new mum Pregnancy and early motherhood are times of massive changes, where women are reassessing their identities, their relationships, and readjusting to an ever-changing body. Especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, women can feel vulnerable and look for reassurance amongst other women going through a Read More

A World without Anxiety & Depression

Despite huge advances in healthcare and medicine, mental health is an area that still lags behind. Effective management and prevention of mental illness, particularly in young people, is still lacking. A major study published in April 2015 by the Office of National Statistics (latest release April 2017) ‘Measuring National Well-being: Insights into children's mental health Read More