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ABCDFHIJKPRSTVWY A - Adult Yoga to Ashtanga Yoga B - Baby Yoga to Bikram Yoga C - Child Yoga D - Dahn Yoga F - Face Yoga to Forrest Yoga H - Hatha Yoga to Hot Yoga I - Integral Yoga to Iyengar Yoga J - Jivamukti Yoga K - Kali Ray Tri Yoga to Kundalini Yoga Read More

Talking Therapies

ABCDEFGHIJLMNOPQRSTW A - Alchemy to Assertiveness Skills B - Behaviour Analysis to Breathwork and Voicework C - Career Coaching to Creative Transformology D - Divorce Therapy to Drama Therapy E - Eating Disorder Therapy to Executive Coaching F - Facilitator G - Gestalt Therapy to Guided Self healing H - Hakomi to Hypnotherapy I - Integrated Listening Read More

Sports and Fitness

ABCDEFGHIKMNPQRSTWZ A - Aquacise to Aston Patterning B - Ballet to Boxercise C - Cardio Kickboxing to Circuit Classes D - Dakini Classes to Dance, Rhythms and Movements E - Educational Kinesiology to Exercise to Music F - Feldenkrais Method to Flexercise G - Grinberg Method H - Health and Personal Development to Health Kinesiology I Read More

Sexual Therapies

CEPSTW C - Concious Kink E - Emotional Anatomy P - Psychosexual Somatics S - Sexological to Somatic Sexology T - Tantra Wave to Tantric Massage W- Wheel of Consent C Concious Kink Conscious Kink is a term describing the exploration of fetishes, kinks and BDSM in a self-aware, fully present way. E Emotional Anatomy Emotional Anatomy Read More

Self Empowerment

ABFGIRT A - Arrowbreaking B - Boardbreaking F - Firewalking G - Glasswalking I - Integrated Self Empowerment Therapy R - Rebar Bending T - Teambuilding Exercises   A Arrowbreaking A 27 inch long hunting arrow is placed in the sternal notch of the throat. By mastering your focus you can snap the arrow in half Read More

Parent and Children’s Therapies

ABCDHNPS A - Antenatal Teaching to Art Therapy B - Baby and Prenatal Massage to Baby Yoga C - Child Yoga D - Doula H - Hypnobirthing M - Midwifery N - Nappy Advisory Consulting P - Parent and Child Facilitator to Pregnancy Yoga S - Sling Library A Art Therapy A form of psychotherapy that Read More

Mind and Body Healing

ABCDEFHILMOPQRSTVW A - Aqua Detox to Aurora Therapy B - Bi Aura to Body Transformation C - Chi Machine to Cuddle Therapy D - Dark Room Retreats to Dream Analysis E - Emotion Code to Esoteric Healing F - Face Reading to Flotation Therapy H - Healing Therapy to Human Bioacoustics I - Incense L - Lifestyle Read More

Massage Therapies

ABCDEHIKLMNRSTV A - Antaneea Masage to Auyrveda Massage B - Body Harmony to Biodynamic Massage C - Cellulite Massage to Craniosacral Therapy D - Daoyin Tao to Deep Tissue Massage E - Esalen Massage H - Hellerwork to Hydrotherm Massage I - Indian Head Massage K - Kahuna Bodywork to Ka-Tone Deep Tissue Massage L - Lava Read More

Energy and Spirit

ABCDEFHIJKMNOPQRSTVZ A - Access Concioness Bars to Autogenic Therapy B - Balance Procedure to Brennan Healing C - Card Reading to Crystal Therapy D - Demartini Method to Dragon Magic E - Earth Mysteries to Essence Angels F - Faith Healing to Form Reality Practice H - Halotherapy to Holographic Repatterning I - I Ching to Integrated Read More

Diet, Health and Nutrition

ABCDEFHIJKLNPSTVW A - Alakaline Diet to Ayurevedic Medicine B - Bach Remedies to Buddhist Diet C - Cellular Healing to Cookie Diet D - DASH Diet to Dukan Diet E - Eat Clean Diet to Elimination Diet F - Fasting to Fruitarian H - Hacker's Diet to Homeopathy I - I-tal to ITG Diet J - Jain Diet Read More

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