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Holistic Counselling

At best, “So … what is it that you do … exactly?” or something along those lines is what people ask when they stop at my table in MBS events. All have heard of counselling; many have tried it; few have anything good to say about their experience of it; fewer still have seen it Read More


ABCDFHIJKPRSTVWY A - Adult Yoga to Ashtanga Yoga B - Baby Yoga to Bikram Yoga C - Child Yoga D - Dahn Yoga F - Face Yoga to Forrest Yoga H - Hatha Yoga to Hot Yoga I - Integral Yoga to Iyengar Yoga J - Jivamukti Yoga K - Kali Ray Tri Yoga to Kundalini Yoga Read More

Talking Therapies

ABCDEFGHIJLMNOPQRSTW A - Alchemy to Assertiveness Skills B - Behaviour Analysis to Breathwork and Voicework C - Career Coaching to Creative Transformology D - Divorce Therapy to Drama Therapy E - Eating Disorder Therapy to Executive Coaching F - Facilitator G - Gestalt Therapy to Guided Self healing H - Hakomi to Hypnotherapy I - Integrated Listening Read More

Sports and Fitness

ABCDEFGHIKMNPQRSTWZ A - Aquacise to Aston Patterning B - Ballet to Boxercise C - Cardio Kickboxing to Circuit Classes D - Dakini Classes to Dance, Rhythms and Movements E - Educational Kinesiology to Exercise to Music F - Feldenkrais Method to Flexercise G - Grinberg Method H - Health and Personal Development to Health Kinesiology I Read More

Sexual Therapies

CEPSTW C - Concious Kink E - Emotional Anatomy P - Psychosexual Somatics S - Sexological to Somatic Sexology T - Tantra Wave to Tantric Massage W- Wheel of Consent C Concious Kink Conscious Kink is a term describing the exploration of fetishes, kinks and BDSM in a self-aware, fully present way. E Emotional Anatomy Emotional Anatomy Read More

Self Empowerment

ABFGIRT A - Arrowbreaking B - Boardbreaking - Brick Breaking F - Firewalking G - Glasswalking I - Integrated Self Empowerment Therapy R - Rebar Bending T - Teambuilding Exercises - Trust Fall A Arrowbreaking The ‘point’ of a 28 inch long leisure arrow is placed in the sternal notch of the throat, and the ‘nock’ Read More

Parent and Children’s Therapies

ABCDHNPS A - Antenatal Teaching to Art Therapy B - Baby and Prenatal Massage to Baby Yoga C - Child Yoga D - Doula H - Hypnobirthing M - Midwifery N - Nappy Advisory Consulting P - Parent and Child Facilitator to Pregnancy Yoga S - Sling Library A Art Therapy A form of psychotherapy that Read More

Mind and Body Healing

ABCDEFHILMOPQRSTVW A - Aqua Detox to Aurora Therapy B - Bi Aura to Body Transformation C - Chi Machine to Cuddle Therapy D - Dark Room Retreats to Dream Analysis E - Emotion Code to Esoteric Healing F - Face Reading to Flotation Therapy H - Healing Therapy to Human Bioacoustics I - Incense L - Lifestyle Read More

Massage Therapies

ABCDEFHIKLMNRSTV A - Antaneea Masage to Auyrveda Massage B - Body Harmony to Biodynamic Massage C - Cellulite Massage to Craniosacral Therapy D - Daoyin Tao to Deep Tissue Massage E - Esalen Massage F - Four Hand Tandem Massage H - Hellerwork to Hydrotherm Massage I - Indian Head Massage K - Kahuna Bodywork to Ka-Tone Deep Read More