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Boost Your Immunity

How do your boost your immunity and keep yourself in optimum health during a pandemic? There are several natural ways to boost immunity. Eat a natural, wholesome fresh daily diet. Fresh fruit and vegetables are important. Avoid refined carbohydrates, sugar and excessive alcohol. Keep your body free from toxins and drink lots of water. Boosting Read More

Exhausted to Energised!

Energy – we all seem to want more of it, or need more of it! Energy keeps the world moving, keeps our bodies functioning and allows all of nature to do its thing. We receive energy from the sun, the food we eat, the thoughts we think, how we move (or not), the people in Read More

Unconditional Self-Love

John Lennon quipped “Love is the Answer. What was the Question?” He was so right then, and when he sang, “All you need is Love.” From the second you were born you were completely connected to unconditional love. However, over time, you may have had experiences—with family, teachers, society— that took you away from knowing Read More

Mindfulness and Meditation; what’s the difference anyway?

The Mindfulness Revolution The mindfulness revolution has hit us full force, with sessions even being delivered in schools and prisons. Wellbeing gurus tell us that mindfulness and meditation are the key to a calmer, happier life. But what does that actually mean, and what exactly is the difference between mindfulness and meditation anyway? Won’t my Read More

Self Care for New Mums

Here are top tips for Self Care as a New Mum Reassess what self-care means Nourishing yourself with healthy and nutritious food, getting an early night and making the time to drink your tea despite the pile of washing, are all forms of self-care. Perhaps you could budget for a cleaner instead of your TV Read More