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A door between the conscious and unconscious mind. What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is defined as a natural altered state of consciousness, but what is that? Have you ever experienced the feeling of getting somewhere, driving or walking, and not knowing exactly where you went? Have you ever read a book or watched a film and Read More

Holistic Animal Healing

What is Holistic animal healing and how does it work? Hi, I have been asked to write a piece on how you (the animal/ pet owner) can use holistic healing alongside conventional medication from your veterinarian to heal your animal/pet. I will start by saying that holistic healing is not a cure and your animal/pet Read More

A World without Anxiety & Depression

Despite huge advances in healthcare and medicine, mental health is an area that still lags behind. Effective management and prevention of mental illness, particularly in young people, is still lacking. A major study published in April 2015 by the Office of National Statistics (latest release April 2017) ‘Measuring National Well-being: Insights into children's mental health Read More

How to instill emotional awareness & intelligence in children

What’s the most important part of a child’s education? If you think it’s English, maths, or science, you’re overlooking an invaluable skill, which has become essential in today’s stressful world – emotional resilience – the ability to respond to, and rebound from, stressful and challenging situations. A core aim of Meet Yourself Meditation (MYM for Read More

Womb Healing by Maya Gandaia

Discovering Holistic Pelvic Care I first discovered Holistic Pelvic Care via Tami Kent’s meditations. I was listening to an online app called Daily Om and taking a course: Unleash the Goddess Within by Jumana Sophia. In one particular meditation on that course, she referenced Tami Kent, and that meditation was so powerful, that I just Read More


Ever wondered why you always go for the same type of person? Or why you are struggling to quit smoking or give up other unhealthy habits or addictions? The answer may be that, as much as you are trying to overcome your limiting beliefs and use reason and logic when negotiating with your mind, it Read More

Yoga for the Vagina

How do you feel about your vagina? Do you love her? Or do you fear her? Do you have a juicy, intimate connection with your vagina? Or do you avoid her at all costs? What is your relationship with your vagina? Is it one where you listen to her and trust her? And only allow Read More

Why I love DoTerra Oils

We gathered in a community centre a stone’s throw away from the sea. I was on holiday in Norfolk and keen to check out the local yoga scene, and Marie’s class was top of my list so off I went. Curiously, I thought, we were invited to have a few drops of oil in our Read More