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New Trends in Yoga

I know about the traditional types of yoga – are there any modern takes on yoga now? Whilst yoga is firmly based in ancient practise and wisdom it hasn’t stopped western practitioners from making it their own and putting their own twist on things. Do you have a small dog that you love spending time Read More

Yoga Disco

So you thought Yoga was all about quietness and solitary meditation. Well think again. The Lick Yoga Project has a brought a new Yoga concept to Brighton - Yoga Disco. Lick Yoga Project is the first studio to run Yoga Disco classes in the UK. The concept was originally conceived in Norway and Dionne, Lick Yoga's resident Yoga Read More


The only 100% yoghurt fro-yo in the World The only 100% fat free fro-yo available in retail Lick was started by two friends whilst still at school. Ky Wright and Owain Williams, pictured, sold their home-made fro-yo from a trike in Tenby, Wales during summer holidays. They expanded to two trikes in year 2, then Read More