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Pre & Post Natal Yoga

Yoga, Pregnancy and beyond Pregnancy changes your body in so many different ways, as do the demands of your newborn once they have arrived. Yoga can be an excellent tool to help build your body's strength and resilience to help support your growing baby and that of your newborn. Is Yoga For Me Curious about Read More

Yoga for Children & Teens

Research suggests that school-based yoga cultivates mind-body awareness, self-regulation, and physical fitness. And classroom teachers can benefit as well! Schools are increasingly incorporating mindfulness and Yoga into their routines. (Benefits of yoga in the classroom by Clare Davis) The articles in this category delve into the benefits for young people from birth through to early Read More


Yoga Infographics There are some wonderful infographics out there which display data in an easy to consume way. We have shared a selection on our website. Is Yoga For Me Curious about yoga but unsure where to begin? Our guide offers a step by step guide to answer your questions Everyone seems to be doing Read More

Personal Journeys

Personal yoga journeys by our guest authors Here are some uplifting personal journeys our guest authors have shared with us. You may find inspiration from them to help you on your yoga journey. My favourite articles is that written by Karen which details her journey which started back in the 1970’s when practising yoga was Read More

Regular Practise

I’ve started classes but I’m struggling with keeping up regular practise at home We all know that feeling, we’ve started a new hobby, a new routine, a new something that we think is good for us but then we just stop doing it. It starts with these sorts of thoughts: I’m feeling a bit down Read More

New Trends in Yoga

I know about the traditional types of yoga – are there any modern takes on yoga now? Whilst yoga is firmly based in ancient practise and wisdom it hasn’t stopped western practitioners from making it their own and putting their own twist on things. Do you have a small dog that you love spending time Read More

Yoga Types

There are so many yoga types how can I figure out which one will suit me? You may or may not be aware that there a many different types of yoga practise out there and more appearing all the time. To get started try this brilliant quiz. OK, I hear you say, but these yoga Read More

…and breathe! How to perform Jala Neti.

Prepare your neti pot using purified warm water and raw salt (approximately 1/2 teaspoon to one cup of water; the aim is for the warmth and salinity to mimic our blood) Firmly block one nostril with the neti pot, tipping the head the opposite way Swallow once and then breathe steadily through the mouth. Depending Read More

Yoga Videos

I’m nervous about joining a class. Are there any online classes I can check out first? We’ve shown you the benefits to be gained from practising yoga but you’re feeling a little unsure about buying a mat and joining a yoga class or don’t want to be completely clueless as to what a “downward dog Read More

Benefits of Yoga

Why should I take up yoga – what are the benefits? You’ve heard people talk about how awesome yoga is, how it can benefit your body, your mind, your whole life in fact. You scratch your head and wonder if you’re really the right person to be doing yoga. Well yes, yes you are! Yoga Read More