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Regular Practise

I’ve started classes but I’m struggling with keeping up regular practise at home We all know that feeling, we’ve started a new hobby, a new routine, a new something that we think is good for us but then we just stop doing it. It starts with these sorts of thoughts: I’m feeling a bit down Read More

Yoga from the inside out

A conversation with the body: using yoga to bypass the brain. In its ancient Indian form, hatha yoga was the physical element of a much broader yogic lifestyle. For many practitioners in the western world today, yoga is only hatha: physical exercise to refresh, stretch and strengthen the body. Going to a yoga class is Read More

Maintaining your Home Practise

Getting into and maintaining a home practise can be very daunting to a Yoga newbie but you only have to do a quick search online these days for motivational tips, programmes and guides to help you through. Here are some of my own suggestions; Space Turn off any electrical equipment; this will help you tune Read More