The Focus On Yoga & Holistic Therapies Directory is designed to provide therapists, teachers and practitioners a platform on which to advertise their classes and expertise to potential clients. We hope that visitors to the website will find our directory easy to use and thus easy to locate therapists, teachers and practitioners within their local area.

This post will outline the following:

How to use the directory
How to register on the website
How to add an entry to the directory

How to use the directory

  • Click on Directory in the menu at the top of the page
  • Search bar
    • You can search using keywords and location in a simple search.
    • For a more advanced search click “Customise My Search” and select from the categories and distance away from your location.
  • Using the map.
    • All the entries are detailed on the map
    • Zoom in to areas of interest
    • Hover cursor over pin to see entry name, click on pin to reveal summary of entry information
    • Select or deselect categories in the box on the right hand side of the map to narrow down entries on the map.
  • Directory menu below search bar
    • You can view all the current entries in the directory
    • By selecting individual categories from the menu you can view only those entries within your selected category
  • Keyword Tag cloud
    • For a quick keyword search click on the keyword within the tag cloud to view all entries containing that keyword
  • View entries
    • Simply click on the entry of interest to see all profile details

How to register on the website

Why should I register on your website?
To be able to add an entry you need to register with our website. Registration is quick and simple.

  • Click Join (in top menu bar)
  • Fill in the registration form and submit
  • You will receive an email detailing your username and temporary password.
  • Log in using the link provided
  • To view your profile click on “Dashboard” in the top menu

We recommend you change your password when you first log in

  • Click on the “Change your password” link in your welcome email
  • Log in using the username you chose and the temporary password sent to you
  • You will be taken directly to your Profile
  • Click on “Change password” and input a password of your choice.


  • Log in
  • Go to Dashboard and select “Change password”

How to add an entry to the directory

You need to be registered with our website and logged in to add an entry to the directory.

  • Click on “Add entry” in the Directory drop down in the top menu.
  • Enter your details including as much information as possible.
  • Tag Keywords are important to increase your find-ability within the directory. Tags are short keywords, with no space within, separated by a comma (eg: tag1, tag2, tag3). Up to 40 characters only.
  • You can select one or more categories that your entry belongs in
  • Either enter listing address. eg. : 230 Vine Street, or enter your post code in the Postcode / Zip box and then click the “Set Address On Map” button and your location will be found automatically and a pin placed on the map.
  • Add images to draw attention to your entry (all images must be appropriate for U18s viewing, deviation from this will result in the entry and the user being removed.) The best size for your primary image is a ratio of 3 by 2 (this image will appear as the thumbnail in the directory) Additional images do not have to stick to this ratio. NB: Please use images as small as possible and certainly below 2MB.
  • Read and accept terms and conditions then click “Review Your Listing”.
  • You can then either go back and edit your entry, cancel your entry or publish your entry.

You can view all your entries by clicking “Dashboard” to view your profile and select “My directory entries”

NB: If you believe your practice or therapy does not fit into any of the categories we have available please do let us know and we will look into this with regards to demand.