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  • A Healthy Mind is a Happy Mind

    6 ways to support your children's mental health Children’s mental health is a hot topic nowadays. We see cases on the news, we read posts on social media and we have all heard of children who are struggling, one way or another, with their mental health. As daunting as it is, the statistics confirm that Read More
  • Self Care for New Mums

    Here are top tips for Self Care as a New Mum Reassess what self-care means Nourishing yourself with healthy and nutritious food, getting an early night and making the time to drink your tea despite the pile of washing, are all forms of self-care. Perhaps you could budget for a cleaner instead of your TV Read More
  • My 10 Day Silent Retreat

    Earlier this year I decided to embark on a 10 day silent retreat at the International Meditation Centre in Wiltshire. I thought that it would be a good opportunity to consolidate my learning, and allow me some space at a time when I was embarking on setting up my own meditation business. If I thought Read More
  • Mind Clutter and the Power of Being Present in the Moment

    Contemporary life is lived at a pace that is most certainly not conducive to mental well-being. Most of us do not even notice the clutter in our minds. We are so used to having a million thoughts racing around our minds that this has become the norm. We have forgotten how to relax, to be Read More