In 2016, I took the step of starting a new path in my life – practising homeopathy.

While on my course, I bought several homeopathy books including the homeopathic materia medica. I began my exploration with regards to everything associated with homeopathy on google. Much to my astonishment I stumbled upon several articles and news items that discredited homeopathy and it nearly turned me off from pursuing my course.

That is until one day a senior friend mentioned that he required an ophthalmologist to examine his eyes. He had been almost blind for over 26 years. The ophthalmologist came to his house and examined his eyes and informed him that only one eye could be saved with surgery and that there was still a degree of uncertainty that it would be successful, whilst the other eye would be completely impossible to improve.

He cried, and told me that he truly needed to talk to me. When we got together he questioned me about the homeopathy course I was starting. I explained to him that I was indeed taking a homeopathy course but that I wasn’t sure if it was going to be any help to him. I then told him about the articles and news items that I had come across that discredited homeopathy. How they described homeopath pills as placebos and more like sugar and water pills. So I really wasn’t sure it was going to help him, not to mention that at that point I wasn’t a qualified homeopath.

He requested that I at least look into what could be done for him as he found his own research skills to be lacking and was fearful he would take something that wasn’t good for him. I replied that I would look into it for him but that he would need to give me a bit of time to do so. He was happy with this as he believed he had nothing to lose because if he didn’t try something he would end up completely blind.

It was at that time that I end up reading all the homeopathy literature provided by my course, and buying even more homeopathic books. I opened the materia medica to start my research and wrote a list questions for him, with regards to his symptoms. Some of the questions made him laugh and ask ‘what does that have to do with the eyes?’ I replied that everything has to do with everything in homeopathy and that to do this correctly (whether it works or not) I needed to get to the root of the problem. He replied with a laughing okay.

So I gave him drops of Cineraria Maritima.

One week later, he couldn’t wait to talk to me. I remember back then, that I was worried and nervous, as it was a great responsibility. So when I faced him I asked if the drops had helped. He didn’t mention either a yes or no… so the more nervous and worried I became, even though I did everything by the book. He then said: ‘Carla when I woke up, my eyes were all dirty, with a creamy eye dirt. I cleaned my eyes and to my surprise, the eye that was to have the operation is better. I can see better through it.’ I smiled and asked: ‘Are you for real?’ and he replied that indeed he was for real.

After a 3 week course of Cineraria Maritima drops he told me he was going to cease the treatment which worried me, so I asked him why. He told me that the other eye, through which he previously couldn’t see anything at all, was now presenting him with shadows. After being blind for 26 years sudden shadows appearing when someone passed him by was proving to be an unsettling experience for him. I persuaded him that the appearance of shadows indicated that his eye was improving with treatment and that continuing the course of drops would yield further improvement. He agreed to continue the treatment.

After another 3 weeks we spoke again. He told me that I should continue with my course because his eyes were so much better. He said that for the first time in 8 years, that he has ‘blindly’ known me, he could now actually see my face. He was so happy and said that he could never repay me what I did for him. He was so pleased that after being blind for 26 years he could even see colours now and was shocked to discover that his son had painted his kitchen bright orange! I smiled.

That experience made me return to my homeopathy course, where I finished with distinction, and became a qualified homeopath.

This hasn’t been my only successful case. After finishing my homeopathy course, I had several patients each with different problems, from liver pains, sciatica, carpal syndrome, depression and anxiety, acne, pulmonary infections and so on and all have been taken care of with success using homeopathy.

About the Author

Carla Barbosa, DipHom.,

Reg. homeopath – International alliance of holistic therapies




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