Energy and Spirit

5 Awakenings

An innovative form of energy medicine combined with play therapy. It facilitates full recovery from distressing effects caused by trauma, stress, fear, abuse or bullying.

Access Consciousness Bars

The aim of Access Consciousness is to create a world of consciousness and oneness. Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing.

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AcuEnergetics® is a modern healing modality for the body and mind, with a unique and effective approach to treating illness. It works by encouraging the body to promote faster, natural healing to ease pain and improve physical and emotional health.

Adam Kadmon 2 DNA Activation and Healing

The Adam Kadmon  is the full activation of all 24-strands of the DNA. There are 24 strands to the DNA, twelve relate to the physical body and 12 relate to the spiritual body.  The Adam Kadmon activation will activate the remaining two strands that cant be activated in the 22 strand DNA activation: the Galactic Code (Physical DNA) and the Divinity Code (Spiritual DNA).

Advanced Sound-Wave Energy Therapy

By altering the body’s magnetic field, psychological and physiological improvement can be achieved. This is a non-touch therapy. The therapy uses vibrating sound waves that are inaudible but work on the body’s energy systems.

Aka Lani      

The Aka Lani healing system is a New Age therapy developed by Australian, Leeorah Hursky. In the Hawaiian language, Aka Lani means Heavenly Symbols. There are 28 symbols used in Aka Lani, each representing a different energy vibration level. The goal of Aka Lani is to balance vibration throughout the body, down to a cellular level. In the process of bringing the body into balance, old negative thought patterns will be released and the patient will experience a newfound freedom and joy. Aka Lani can be administered through body work, but also through magic sprays and through use of angel cards.


The Amnanda treatment program is a very pleasant way to create some of the conditions for a longer life in good physical and mental health.

The treatment program contains the experience of Ayurveda, as gathered over two millennia. At its core, Ayurveda is a holistic approach that addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs essential to human health.

Angel Card Reading

They can be a powerful tool for those seeking guidance in their life. Like Tarot card, angel cards can give insight into relationships, careers and finances while giving the recipient peace of mind and confidence in their decisions.

They tap into Angelic presence to guide the recipient toward their best life. Readings may focus on a specific question or be more open-ended, simply honing in on a general aspect of life. They may also be effective methods of tuning into subconscious thoughts, emotions and visions that can also serve as guidance.

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Angel Healing Therapy

Angel Healing Therapy works with the angels, archangels and ascended masters to assist with healing, grounding and protection, inspiration and fulfilment, gratitude and happiness.  It is a form of energy healing channelled through a practitioner and is activated by calling upon the angels to assist within everyday life.

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Angel Therapy

A spiritual healing therapy working with guardian angels and archangels with the aim to heal and bring back balance to the person’s life.

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Angel Work

The function of Angels is to provide us with our spiritual and emotional needs. Basically speaking, they take care of us.


A formal educational, therapeutic, and creative system established by Rudolf Steiner, seeking to use mainly natural means to optimize physical and mental health and well-being.


Ashati is an self-paced personal development program divided into set stages, or courses, and based on energy work, the chakra, energy activations, spiritual knowledge (knowledge about the dimensions of our universe, the soul, our higher purpose for being “alive”, and much more) and on understanding our emotions, thoughts and beliefs, and how to free ourselves from their sometimes restrictive or negative effects.

Assemblage Point Shifting

Every human being has an assemblage point which affects our appearance, intelligence, mood, health, the way we experience the world, how we respond to ourselves, the environment, our achievements, spirituality and beliefs, the way we interact with others and the way we make decisions. This therapy involves locating the assemblage point and shifting it with the appropriate method.

Astro Therapy

Astro Therapy means the remedial measures used in the science of the Heavens, to cure the afflictions caused by the planets.


Studying the connection between the planets, stars and astrological signs.

Asyra System

The Asyra Pro is a bio-energetic testing device. The device reports back a response from signals sent to the body to the therapist.

Aura Photography

Using Aura video technology a practitioner can help you understand how your presonality, lifestyle, desires and ambitions are stored as a light within you that can be seen within your energy fields.


Colour is the key to this therapy. The therapy involves 108 bottles of rainbow coloured oil and essences. Aura Soma can help improve your spiritual well being by bringing you closer to understanding yourself through self selection of colours.

Authentic Reiki

Also known as Radiance Technique

Autogenic Therapy

Therapy aimed at reducing or managing stress related symptoms; increase confidence, energy, creativity, performance; reduce likelihood of serious illness; and support our natural healing abilities. Autogenic therapy involves entering into deep relaxation and reversing the stress response.

Balance Procedure

The Balance Procedure is an energy technique that does not require an understanding of theory or precise disciplines but is learnt through practice. The Balance Procedure daily puts you in a relaxed state allowing you to focus on your dreams and desires  and see them manifest into reality

Belvaspata Healing

Belvaspata, healing of the heart, is a sacred modality that heals with light and frequency. This healing method is a gift from the Infinite to the cosmic races to accommodate the changing laws of physics that took place as all life ascended into a new creation in August 2006. The use of Belvaspata heals as the frequencies of the sacred sigils are drawn to where they are most needed.

Belvaspata, the healing modality for the new frequencies within the cosmos, takes into consideration changes that occurred in August 2006, altering the laws governing all existence.

Bi Aura

Bi-Aura is a system of bio-energy healing. The healing works by balancing the human biofield. Therapists use mostly non-touch Aura techniques to remove blockages in the body’s bio-field.

Bio Electrographic

See Kirlian

Bio Field

This is a generic term used to cover a variety of therapies that use the body’s biofield to effect a change in health and well being.


Means the dance of life. Can be used as a method for self development using music and movement.

Biodynamic Psychotherapy

Biodynamic Psychotherapy can help you restore your “balance” and regain your physical, emotional, and mental health and wellbeing. Methods can include biodynamic massage.


Biorhythms are the cycles that our bodies go through on a periodic basis which affect our physical, emotional and intellectual physiology. Therefore, biorhythms therapy is the study of these rhythms and acting upon them.

Brennan Healing

Brennan Healing Science is an advanced system of Energy Healing that combines hands on healingtechniques with spiritual and psychological processes.

Card Reading/ Egyptian Cartouche

Made up of 25 initiations. Each initiation is an attunement to an archytypal symbol or energy used in Ancient Egypt. Each one has its own specific energy or vibration.

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Chakra Therapy

At the central core of our body spin seven main wheel-like energy centers called Chakras. Chakras have the ability to receive, assimilate and transmit energy. Each chakra is a vortex, spinning life-force energy into or out of the body. In fact, the word chakra is from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel of light”.

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Channeling is a natural form of communication between humans and angelic beings, nature spirits, non-physical entities, or even animals and pets.

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Chi Kung (Qi Gong)

Chi Kung is an ancient system designed to harmonise body mind, body and spirit through meditation, therapeutic exercise and self defence. Also known as Qi Gong.

Chi Nei Tsang

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) is a centuries-old variety of healing touch therapy from China. It focuses on deep, gentle abdominal massage in order to “train” the internal abdominal organs to work more efficiently, which in turn is said to improve physical and emotional health.

Colour Analysing

Personal colour analysis, or skin tone colour matching, is the is the process of determining colours of clothing and makeup to match your skin complexion, eye colour, and haircolour and is used to help with wardrobe planning and style consulting.

Colour Therapy

Thought to date back thousands of years, colour can have a profound healing effect on us

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Core Energetics

Core Energetics is a system of body-oriented psychotherapy which labels itself as a bridge between psychology and spirituality. It focuses on a holistic process involving an extended concept of consciousness encompassing body – emotion – mind and spirit.

Crystal Therapy

Crystals have a long tradition of being used in healing. Each type of crystal resonates to a certain frequency and it is said that this frequency is what imbues the crytsals with healing properties. The crystals can be placed on certain points on the body to bring about harmonizing the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Crystal therapy is based on the premise that crystals can, in a sense, communicate with the energies flowing around the human body. At a microscopic level, a crystal is a network of repeating geometric patterns made up of compressed ions, atoms and molecules. Every crystal has its own unique electromagnetic charge. These charges, or ‘healing vibrations’, interact with the body’s energy centres to remove ‘blockages’ and restore a healthy flow of energy. Sometimes the colour of the crystal is chosen to correspond with the colour of the energy point on the body. From the tip of the tailbone to the top of the head the colours are as follows: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

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Demartini Method

The Demartini Method is the most powerful, effective and efficient methodology in personal transformation. It is an effective means of transforming any form of stress or conflict. The Demartini Method is now being used in over 60 countries throughout the world.

Dharma Practices

This practice enables the attainment of permanent liberation from lower rebirth according to Buddhist Teachings.

See Micropigmentation

Diamond Light Activation / Diamond Light Activation Rites and Healing Systems

The Diamond Light Activations were birthed in Ancient Egypt and return now to assist humanity to awaken. We are each multi-faceted Beings of unlimited potential and the Diamond Light Activation Rites Initiates the deep awakening and grounding of our empowered Soul Self through the entire Chakra system.

Dragon Magic

Dragons are often called on as guardian spirits. They make for exceptional allies who can be called on in times of need, for protection or guidance. Dragon Magic, like all Magic is made up in its base form from the five main elements that exist throughout the known universe, Fire, Wind, Earth, Air and Spirit. When using Dragon Magic you are in fact calling forth an element in its Dragon form.

Earth Mysteries

Earth mysteries is a fascinating subject which encompasses the ancient art of dowsing and divining the land for ley lines, earth energies, global grid systems and mysterious harmonic frequencies. Our ancestors skilfully incorporated these subtle energies into ancient sites such as stone circles, burial mounds, archaic temples and medieval churches and cathedrals.

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Egyptian Cartouche

Invented in 1983. The cards may be used in divination, magical work or meditation. There are 25 cards in a pack each representing a different meaning along the lines of traditional tarot cards.

Electro Crystal Therapy / Electro Gem Therapy

Crystals are used to gently balance the body’s energy field. The crystals are stimulated by pulsed high-frequency electromagnetic waves. The crystals are placed on certain points of the body and can rebalance the body’s energy fields.


Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing. Can be used to treat psychological trauma.

EMF Balancing Technique

An EMF Balancing Technique Session is an experience of your electromagnetic energy field and the patterns within it. Each session lasts about an hour. Each session has its own universal energy grid.

Emo Trance

EMO trance works directly with the energy being experienced through the physical body.

Energy Balancing

Energy healing is based around Chakras and works to effect a positive shift in the physical, emotional and spiritual energies of the client.

Energy Cone Technique

Developed by Irelands Tom Wynn, this gentle and simple technique resolves issues powerfully by working with tiny energy peaks, usually in the hand, related to the issue.

Energy Field Therapy

Energy Field therapy is a gentle way of rebalancing the body via the energy fields of the aura.

Energy Healing

Energy healing is a powerful approach to wellness that can revolutionize any life

Energy Interference Patterning

A vibrational healing technique. The aim is to assist in locating and releasing low vibrational belief patterns that have an adverse effect on the physical, emotional and spiritual state of the body.

Energy Release Systems (Jin Shin) Jyutsu

Using gentle touch the practitioner can help harmonize the body’s energy system.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

A psychological acupressure technique used to optimize emotional health. Based on the meridian points as used in traditional acupuncture. Instead of needles being used, tapping with fingertips is employed on specific meridian points.

Ensofic Reiki

Ensofic Ray is the full system of reiki which also works on your soul and spirit in addition to all the other benefits of reiki

Essence of Angels

Essence of Angels is a life changing journey of self discovery and a gentle yet powerful path of embracing the Angelic Realm from within.

Faith Healing

Healing achieved by religious belief and prayer, rather than by medical treatment.

Feminine Spirituality

Discover the universal, ancient philosophy of the goddess, and learn why feminine spirituality is again growing in popularity.

Learn techniques and rituals that seek to enhance our lives, encouraging self-belief, appreciation of the natural world and the sacredness of life and an improved relationship with the physical body.

Ideas represented by the goddess such as nurture, collectivism, healing and sustainability are thought to be essential for us to adapt as a species, to counter the dominant masculine destructive tendencies towards the environment and human relations, the consequences of which could be the annihilation of not just us, but also our beautiful and life-sustaining planet

Form Reality Practice

Living transmission of the eternal dance of life. This practice is a tool for transmutation and self mastery.


Halotherapy, derived from the Greek halos, meaning “salt”, is a form of alternative medicine which makes use of salt. Numerous forms of halotherapy have been known of and used for millennia.

Healing Codes

They were discovered in 2001 by Alex Loyd, PhD, ND. Every time you use a Healing Code, it activates a physical function built into the body that consistently and predictably removes the number 1 cause of illness and disease from the body . . . stress

Helix Healing

Helix Healing© is a new & exciting form of healing, channelled by Tina Paul working with a collective of twelve light beings from the Sirius star system

Holographic Repatterning

Resonance Repatterning® is also known as Holographic Repatterning. It is a process that works with the self-healing energy within your body-mind field.

Also known as Resonance Re-patterning

I Ching

An ancient Chinese manual of divination based on eight symbolic trigrams and sixty-four hexagrams, interpreted in terms of the principles of yin and yang. It was included as one of the ‘five classics’ of Confucianism.

Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) Therapy

Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) therapy is energetic healing and spiritual counselling combined in a highly effective methodology for helping people with physical, mental emotional and spiritual issues. The objective is to release old stale energy and to add fresh vital energy to bring healing, wellbeing, self-empowerment and inner peace.


Incense is aromatic biotic material which releases fragrant smoke when burned. The term refers to the material itself, rather than to the aroma that it produces.

Integrated Energy Therapy

A safe and gentle therapy for empowering and balancing your life and to help release negative patterns for good. The therapy involves gentle touch.

Intuitive Dynamix

An Intuitive Dynamix session is a combination of intuitive reading, spiritual coaching and healing. It is a great therapy for people who are sensitive, empaths and those seeking more spiritual grounding and self empowerment.

Jikiden Reiki

Means “directly taught” or “directly passed on”. Reiki that has not been influenced by Western Reiki. Jikiden Reiki aims to re-introduce the original style of Reiki.


A hands on healing method for emotional and physical healing. Releasing blockages in the body’s biofield.

Kinesis Myofascial Integration

A hands on therapy that works on the body’s connective tissue to improve posture and breathing.

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Kinesiology is a powerful and safe, hands on approach to natural health care. It works on every aspect of health, physical, psychological, nutritional and spiritual well being.

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Kinetic Energy

Kinetic Energy is physical therapy.


Using pulsed high voltage frequencies and electron cascades, pictures can be taken of the electromagnetic fields or “aura” that surrounds a person. These have been proven to change after a person experiences something. The practitioner can analyse the photographs and gain insight into a person’s psychological condition.

Mace Method

A therapy used for emotional healing. After taking a series of simple mental tests you will be free from emotional effects left from unpleasant experiences.

Magnet Therapy

This therapy involves placing a magnet on or close to the skin to alleviate pain.

Mahayana Chi

Man, Myth and Magic

In centuries past, knowledge was passed down from one generation to another. We have a rich heritage of legend, with many interesting stories in which there may yet be proved to be some truth; and in some instances research has already found much corroborative evidence. For those who are curious about the mythical creatures that have shaped our world.

Meditation / Mind Instruction/ Psychic Awareness

Psychic awareness is the understanding of human consciousness and the full potential of the mind when applied to everyday life.


A Medium can be described as the process whereby a human, known as a medium or channel, is used by one or more discarnate, spirit personalities to communicate. Mediumship is a co-operation between an earthly body and a spiritual entity.

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Metamorphic Technique

The technique uses light touch on the feet, hands and head. The results vary from general feelings of more energy and confidence to improvements in physical, mental and emotional health.

Metaphysical Practitioner

Metaphysical Counselling is an holistic-approach therapy based on spiritual principles. When we are out of alignment with our True Self we experience conflict and difficulties. The work of a Metaphysical Practitioner is to help uncover these imbalances in our belief system and restore harmony.

Meridian Energy Therapy

EFT is a Meridian Energy Therapy – just like acupuncture, it works directly on the meridian system in the energy body. But instead of needles, you stimulate the major meridian points by tapping on them or massaging them lightly.


Using a tattooing technique to give the illusion of makeup. Also known as dermapigmentation, permanent cosmetics and cosmetic tattooing

Mind, Body and Spirit

Your mind is affected by your body, and vice versa. Your mind is affected by yourspirit, and vice versa. … Mind, Body, Spirit means that our well-being comes from not just physical health, but from mental health and spiritual health as well.


Moksha is a term that refers to liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth

Nine Rites Munai

The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about a period of great transformation, and foretell of a new human appearing on the planet – persons of wisdom and power who live free of fear and abide in their eternal nature, Homo luminous.

The Rites of the Munay-Ki transform and upgrade your luminous energy field. They are energetic transmissions that heal the wounds of the past-the karmic & genetic programs and beliefs you inherited.  They re-inform your DNA, enabling you to grow a new body that ages, heals, and dies differently.


Numerology is any belief in the divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events.

Oracle Card Readings

Unlike the tarot, there is less tradition and structure in an oracle card deck. They come with any number of cards, with or without a reference book and they may be designed around a particular theme (like romance or healing) or call on particular deities (like angels or ascended masters)

Orgone Therapy

See Reichian Therapy

Orgonomic Therapy

See Reichian Therapy

Paranormal Practitioner

The investigative study of paranormal activity is undertaken by an experienced paranormal practitioner.

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Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of pastlives or incarnations

Pellowah Healing Technique

Pellowah Healing Technique is a tool for enlightenment. The healing is a by-product of the shift in conciousness. Healing can be achieved by face to face sessions or via distance sessions. It also be used to heal pets and plants. The Pellowah Healing Technique was channeled from ‘Spirit’ to Kachina Ma’an.

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Pendulum Dowsing

One of the most commonly used tools for divination and dowsing is a pendulum. The art of using a pendulum is something that anyone can learn and master, and enjoy experimenting with. A pendulum is a symmetrical, weighted object that is hung from a single chain or cord. It’s never made of a magnetic substance, but is often a crystal. You can use it to answer questions or aid in decision making.

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Polarity Therapy

A trained and registered polarity practitioner may incorporate any or all of the following:

  • Bodywork – gentle or deep touch
  • Help you develop your self awareness
  • Design health improving or cleansing diets for you
  • Polarity yoga

Pranic Healing

A highly evolved and tested system of energy medicine developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui that utilizes prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy processes. Prana is a Sanskrit word that means life-force. This invisible bio-energy or vital energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. In acupuncture, the Chinese refer to this subtle energy as Chi. It is also called Ruach or the Breath of Life in Hebrew.


Using a set of principles and processes designed to change your subconcious beliefs Psych-K can help you reach your full potential.

Psychic Attack Energy Removal

Psychic attacks are defined as the manipulation of supernatural energies and forces. Psychic attacks occur when dark and negative energetic vibrations are sent from one individual to another individual or place creating disturbances in the energetic and physical bodies of the person or place. If you believe you are absorbing negative energies or are the recipient of psychic attacks, you should seriously consider asking for the help of an energy practitioner who is experienced in the identification, clearing and elimination of psychic dark energies, entities and spirits.

Psychic Awareness

Psychic awareness is the understanding of human consciousness and the full potential of the mind when applied to everyday life.

Psychic Reading

A good psychic reading should end with you feeling clear about the choices that are open to you and more clued in to how to go about creating the life that you want.

Psychic Instruction

Learn techniques in communication between the physical and spirit world around us.

Psycho-Compatibility Therapy

Psycho-Compatibility is apparent in almost 80% of human communication. In the opening moments of any encounter, we rely heavily on Psycho-Compatibility for information about that person. It is of great importance in business and social situations, and when conflict is apparent between the spoken word and the messages the body sends out.

Psychology of Vision and Oneness

The elements of Psychology of Vision are relationships, leadership and spiritual development (non-denominational). It is form of healing which combines cutting edge psychological tools and methods with the power of grace.

Qi Gong

Qigong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention.

The word Qigong (Chi Kung) is made up of two Chinese words. Qi is pronounced chee and is usually translated to mean the life force or vital-energy that flows through all things in the universe.

The second word, Gong, pronounced gung, means accomplishment, or skill that is cultivated through steady practice. Together, Qigong (Chi Kung) means cultivating energy, it is a system practiced for health maintenance, healing and increasing vitality.


Qoya is for women of all ages, body types, and levels of movement experience. Qoya is based on the idea that through movement, we remember.

Quantum Energy Coaching

QUANTUM ENERGY COACHING (QEC) was recently developed by Dr Melanie Salmon. It is a simple, fast and effective tool that changes limiting thoughts and beliefs at the subconscious level and releases stress and trauma from the body. It is based in Neuroscience and is potentially life-changing. QEC is based on the Gestalt principle of Holism

Quantum Holographic Echo Healing

The theoretical foundation for Quantum Holographic Echo Healing™ draws from traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda) as well as from quantum mechanics in modern physics.

Quantum Touch

A natural healing method that works with the Life force energy of the body. The therapy promotes wellness.

Radiance Technique

Otherwise known as Authentic Reiki. Technique for balancing and restoring the body’s life force energy. This is a gentle hands on technique over 12 areas of the body.


A healing technique involving dowsing and radiesthetic skill. Can be used to treat humans, animals, plants and soil.

Rahanni Celestial Healing

Rahanni works through a pink ray of light and by invoking the angelic realms, balancing the heart centre and healing emotions.

Raindrop Technique

Raindrop Technique uses a sequence of essential oils that are immune enhancing, support the body’s natural defences, as well as the circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, nervous, and other body systems. RAINDROP technique is a powerful, non-invasive tool for assisting the body in correcting defects in the curvature of the spine.

Reconnective Healing

Utilising the light and information exchange of the fifth dimensional energy grid to reinvigorate the human body, mind, and spirit.

Reichian Therapy

Also known as Orgone Therapy, Orgonomic Therapy, and Biopsychotherapy. Reichian therapy is a way of character transformation that recognises the functional identity of the mind and body.


A Japanese technique primarily used for the reduction of stress and promotion of relaxation that enables healing.

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Resonance Re-patterning

This therapy helps to clear your current beliefs, behaviours and negative emotions that are holding you back in life. Kinesiology is used to “map” these patterns. Also known as Resonance Re-patterning.


Runes are tools used for divination and opening up psychic awareness. They are a set of 24 tiles or stones that contain primitive carvings of characters or letters.

Like the Tarot or I-Ching, you can use Runes to gain messages and spiritual insight. Although not as well known as some divinatory methods, using Runes can provide you another alternative for conversing with your Higher Self and the Universe.

Seashell Therapy

Seashell Therapy provides you with a method to help discover and maintain wellness in your life. Seashell Healing uses channelled energy in conjunction with seashells to offer a truly beneficial treatment.

Seichem Healing

Seichem connects with our higher selves to establish healing in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The energy is used to heal and stimulate personal development and growth. Spellings of the word differ but it always means power in a spiritual sense.


Sekhem is a form of Ancient Egyptian Healing. Sekhem has developed over the centuries and was taught as part of the spiritual practices in the Temples of Ancient Egypt. Egypt was then the cultural centre of the world where everyone sought wisdom and learning, and scholars came far and wide to study in the temples.


Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and a way of life. It focuses on a persons connection to nature and promotes health and wellbeing.

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Shen Therapy

Shen therapy deals with the concept of emotion. It involves the deep process of emotional unfolding, delayering and growth based on emotion and the effects it has on the brain and the body. The therapy involves the gentle laying on of hands to release painful emotions held inside the body.


Shiatsu is a form of healing touch. It is a form of massage that uses points and holds and is performed through clothes

Soul Coaching

The aim of Soul Coaching is to align your inner spiritual life with your outer life.  It’s a system that helps to clear away mental, emotional and physical clutter so you can hear the messages from within.  It also helps you discover your purpose so you can design a life that supports that mission.

Soul Purpose

Your soul purpose is the reason you are here on this earth. And making sure that you are in alignment with your soul purpose is the role of many of your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. We’re all seeking out the answer to what is the purpose of life, and our own lives specifically.

Soul Retrieval

This is a shamanic practice and one of the most important level of healing in spirit medicine.

Sound-Wave Energy Healing

It is an ancient practice reputed to have been used in ancient Greek and Egyptian civilisations. It uses music and sound as a therapeutic tool to help bring the mind, body and spirit into harmony and balance.

Spiritual Psychotherapy

Recognising the difference between the ego and the self.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing can be used to complement conventional medical treatment in assisting your recovery. This is a non-denominational therapy.

Spirit Release

Spirit Release is a therapy practised by psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, mental health professionals and energy healers who have found it effective where other methods have failed.

Sunshine Therapy

Sunshine Therapies harness the natural elements of earth, air, fire and water.

Tai Chi

Also known as Tai chi chuan. A combination of deep breathing, relaxation and slow, gentle movements. Can help to reduce stress, improve balance and general mobility and increase muscle strength in the legs.

Tarot Card Reading

In late 18th century, Tarot Card Reading began to be used in parallel for divination in the form of tarotology and cartomancy and specialist packs were developed for this occult purpose.

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Tellington TTouch

A specialised therapy for caring and training our companion animals, horses and exotic animals. It can also be used to improve the physical and emotional well being of humans.

The Balance Procedure

If you are the kind of person who likes to have total control over every aspect of your life the Balance Procedure is for you. The Balance Procedure is an energy technique that does not require an understanding of theory or precise disciplines but is learnt through practice.


ThetaHealing™ is an extremely powerful emotional healing therapy, focused on breaking and releasing negative thought processes and attachments to traumatic events.

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Vibrational Breath Therapy

Vibrational Breath Therapy is based on classical scientific yogic breathing and the primordial sound, “Om”. By practicing the various techniques we regulate the pranic content of the air we breathe in to cleanse, purify, tone and energies, while chanting “Om” we attune to cellular vibration and integrate both body and mind. In other words we create the optimum conditions within the body mind complex for renewal, repair and healing.

Vibrational Essences

Vibrational essences (commonly referred to as flower essences) use the vital force of plants and other substances to assist the body’s natural healing process. They are normally produced in a liquid form, sometimes in an ointment/crème form and are preserved with an alcohol-like substance such as brandy.

Vibrational Medicine

Using the ancient art of dowsing to identify the cause of disease and aid healing.

Vitali Chi Energy Balancing

Based on ancient healing system of acupuncture but without needles. A passive, non-mechanical health circuit that re-aligns and rebalances the body’s natural energy system.

Vortex Healing

Using divine energy and consciousness to effect change with regards to emotional issues and the body’s energy systems.

Zero Balancing

Touch is used to rebalance the relationship between energy and structures of the body. Fingertip pressure on areas of tension such as bone, joints and soft tissue is carried out for 30 to 45 minutes.

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