How to become an MT Massage Practitioner

Metatronia Massage can only be carried out by an Active Metatronia Therapy Practitioner as it is an enhancement to the Metatronia Therapy Healing Modality.

Practitioners must already have a recognised Massage Therapy Diploma/Training Certificate which can be in any massage discipline/technique.

Metatronia Massage can be integrated with all other massage techniques but works well as a “stand alone” therapeutic application due to the vibrational intensity.

Practitioners must have a basic knowledge in Anatomy & Physiology either as part of a training study or already hold a certificate for this.

Practitioners must already hold Indemnity Insurance that covers Massage. Metatronia Massage will be covered and incorporated under whatever massage the practitioner is already insured for as it will integrate into that methodology. It does not require its own individual insurance cover although practitioners may want to put this in place.  Massage cover is adequate although some insurers will recognise Metatronia Massage.

The MTFOL (Metatronia Foundation of Light) recognizes that different countries and/or the states within, each have their own laws and requirements where massage therapy is concerned.  So, with that said, it is the responsibility of each individual applying and/or practicing the MT Massage module, to check with their local state and/or national initiatives and requirements as to if you are required to hold a massage therapist license to offer massage.

Practitioners are also advised to educate themselves with regards to Massage application and Cancer. One book that is advised to obtain is:

Medicine Hands: Massage Therapy for People with Cancer by Gail McDonald

Metatronia Massage is a recognised modality and approved/accredited with IICT.  It comes under the training of the Metatronia Foundation of Light.

Cost for Massage Module: £100.00 which will include Certificate and Training/Presentation.

To apply – Metatronia Practitioners must forward a copy of their current indemnity insurance that covers, MT and also massage if insurance is required in country of residence, along with confirmation of massage training/certificate and anatomy and physiology. The MTFOL will validate each application before it is processed.


Metatronia Massage Training/Workshop Facilitator Package is also now available for those at MASTER METATRONIA THERAPY PRACTITIONERS LEVEL ONLY. This will enable Metatronia Therapy & Massage Master Practitioners to carry out workshop facilitation and one on one Training for Metatronia Therapy and Metatronia Massage. This will come under the umbrella of MT Workshop Facilitator. This package is £395 and further details are found on the shop page of – This will enable you to hold MT Workshops in MT Introduction/MT Attunements/Lightbody Vehicle workshops and also Metatronia Massage workshop to train others in this modality as well as Metatronia Therapy Healing Modality. This is the full package. This package is the workshop facilitator package.


The MTFOL are also offering full training from Novice up to Workshop Facilitator. This package includes full attunements (Active up to Master level, full training package, MP3, Recordings of Webinars, Workbooks, Presentations and Metatronia Massage Pack. This full training package is £595.


There is also the option to become attuned to Metatronia Therapy Practitioner and MT Massage Practitioner – this option can be purchased for £200. This will enable you to work in an active capacity to offer MT Healing and MT Massage to others in a professional practitioner capacity. Full certification is issued upon completion.

The MTFOL are accredited and approved training providers –

There are great shifts that come with working with Metatronia vibration so these training packages are open to those who feel that they are ready to work with this divine energy. Those who are drawn to it, will feel it resonating deep within for we are

“Assisting mankind in his light evolutionary process “.