Mind and Body Healing

Acutonics / tuning Fork Therapy

The use of tuning forks in health care has grown extensively over the past twenty years. Although some historians record their use in healing as far back as Ancient Egypt, the modern day tuning fork was developed more than 400 years ago for tuning musical instruments. In Western medicine they are used for neurological testing and as a quick way to scan the body for a fracture. The methodology for the therapeutic use and application of tuning forks is known as Acutonics, a unique, energy-based, non-invasive approach rooted in Oriental medicine.

Aqua Detox

The clients feet are immersed into water and subjected to electrolysis, whereby positive and negative ions pass through the water. This invigorates, reconditions and synchronises the bodies natural ionic flow. The body detoxifies during and after the procedure.


By using oils extracted from plants, aromatherapy can enhance psychological and physiological well being. The essential oils are inhaled and absorbed through the skin. The different oils hold different healing properties.

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Art Therapy

A form of psychotherapy that utilises art as a method of expression and communication. Used as a way to address emotional issues. Therapists work with all ages from children to the elderly, those with behavioural or mental health problems; disabilities or life limiting illness; brain and physical injuries.


The study of hearing and balance. This therapy is used by healthcare professionals for the treatment of patients with hearing and balance problems as well as associated disorders.

Auditory Integration Therapy

Auditory Integration Therapy can help some individuals with hearing problems, autism (autistic), dyslexia (dyslexic), attention deficit hyperactive disorder, ADHD, etc.

Aurora Therapy

Bi Aura

Bi-Aura is a system of bio-energy healing. The healing works by balancing the human biofield. Therapists use mostly non-touch Aura techniques to remove blockages in the body’s bio-field.


The theory behind biofeedback is when a person harnesses the power of the mind and becomes conscious of what is happening inside their bodies they can exert more control over their health.

Biological Terrain Assessment

Clinicians practising Biological Terrain study the cells within the human body and the fluid that bathes the cells. They believe by monitoring this fluid they can gain important information about the health status of an individual’s cells. This in turn can help address imbalances that may be causing cellular stress.

Block Clearance Therapy

A therapy that is aimed at changing the negative perceptions and behavioural patterns held within us that hold us back from moving forward in a positive direction.

Body Code

For more information visit: http://bodycodehealingsystem.com/

Body Harmony

Body Harmony is a hands on therapy aimed at developing your full potential in whatever stage of life you are in. It can ease stress, aid posture, release tension, improve communication and much more.

Body Mind Reading

Body Transformation

Chi Machine

The Chi Machine is designed to gently move the human body in a figure of eight from side to side and thus optimise the body’s natural absorption of oxygen. This absorption of oxygen enhances the metabolic rate, aids detoxification, aligns the spine and activates the autonomic nervous system.

Colour Breathing

Colour breathing is a simple stress reducing activity that may be quickly learned. In short, involves mentally picturing/meditating on a colour that represents how you want to feel or and what you want to let go in your life (stressor).

Colour Reflexology

Colour Reflexology teaches you different ways of sending colour light vibrations through the foot and hand reflexes to reinforce and improve the effectiveness of reflexology treatments.


Colourworks is a Colour System from South Africa now available in the UK.

Confidence Enhancement

The most demoralising inadequacy a person can suffer is an ‘Inadequate Self-Image’. Everyone forms his own estimate of himself and this basic estimate goes far towards determining what he becomes or achieves in life. A course in confidence enhancement guides you to ‘be what you want to be’!

Cranial Sacral Therapy

This therapy is based on light touch. Cranial sacral therapy is not just about the head, the therapy can work on the whole person and effect changes on the body, mind and spirit.

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Cuddle Therapy

This is a platonic therapy aimed at people who need touch or intimacy. It is a one to one, non-sexual therapeutic touch therapy.

Cuddle Therapy addresses the need for intimacy in relationships and brings all the positive benefits that touch and hugging can produce in the human body, and the community.
Cuddle Therapy creates a safe space for platonic interaction between people. During a Cuddle Therapy session, you may be holding hands, hugging and touching in a non-sexual manner. Hugging sooth bodies and minds. Cuddling Therapy is a valuable extension to other holistic therapies.
A Cuddle Therapy session is beneficial to all relationships: teenagers, adults and retired people are generally among the most under hugged people.

Dark Room Retreats

Deepen your understanding of meditation in complete seclusion and feel the amazing inner transformations which it brings.

Declutter Therapy

Dowsing for Stress Release

Dowsing for Geopathic Stress can allow the therapist to identify negative energies coming from the earth that can cause discomfort and ill health to human beings.

Dream Analysis

Dream analysis is a therapeutic technique best known for its use in psychoanalysis. Sigmund Freud viewed dreams as “the royal road” to the unconscious and developed dream analysis, or dream interpretation, as a way of tapping into this unconscious material.

Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is an inspirational way of identifying and clearing those trapped emotions with the result of permanently removing blocks that restrict you.

Emotional Freedom Technique

A psychological acupressure technique used to optimize emotional health. Based on the meridian points as used in traditional acupuncture. Instead of needles being used, tapping with fingertips is employed on specific meridian points.

Emotional Resilience Therapy

Emotional resilience is the ability to adapt to stressful situations and cope with life’s ups and downs.


The Enneagram is a geometric figure depicting the 9 basic personality types of a human and the interrelationships between them

Esoteric Healing

Esoteric Healing effectively blends the worlds of science and medicine, both of which are making breakthrough discoveries that explain subtle energy’s part in our state of health.

Face Reading

Face Reading is an ancient spiritual-psychological system of understanding a person’s character from his or her facial features.

Facial Harmony

Facial Harmony is a gentle non-invasive treatment. The gentleness is designed specifically to work in harmony with the nervous system. The treatment is predominantly focused on the face head and neck. These areas hold much of the body’s mental, emotional tension.

Feng Shui

An ancient Chinese art. Feng Shui is the art of balancing energies within a space to maintain the health and good fortune of those using the space.

Figure Diagnosis

Flotation Therapy

An excellent way to attain the deepest relaxation. Within a flotation tank the body is able to balance and heal itself. Research indicates that it aids blood pressure and heart rate reductions, lowers stress levels and the associated chemicals, relieves old injuries or aches and beneficially affects the body’s blood circulation.

Healing Therapy

Healing Touch is an “energy therapy” that uses gentle hand techniques thought to help re-pattern the patient’s energy field and accelerate healing of the body, mind, and spirit.

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Holistic Bodywork

Covering a range of holistic hands on therapies.

Holistic Image Consultant

An Holistic Image Consultant helps others reveal their true inner beauty and develop their personal style.

Holistic Retuning

This uses kinesiology to gain responses from the body. The aim is to access the body’s cellular memory and “ask” the body what it wants us to do to help ease blocks and release negative energy.

Human Bioacoustics

The state of your health is in the sound of your voice. Frequencies and architectures found in the human voice can be used to identify the innate mathematical biomarkers that represent states of health and wellness. Frequency-based medicine is currently positioned at the top of today’s alternative health options.


Incense plants have been selected for their smell and color of the smoke, for their healing qualities in traditional medicine, for hygiene, as an insecticide, and as a timekeeper.

Lifestyle Enhancement

Lifestyle Enhancement classes concentrate on functional health, relaxation, and maintenance of a healthy spine throughout life.

Lightning Process practitioners

Lightning Process utilises gentle movement, meditation-like techniques and mental exercises

Light Touch Therapy

A generic term covering a range of hands on disciplines.

Mary Network Healing


Meditation is a simple practice available to all, which can reduce stress, increase calmness and clarity and promote happiness.

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MSAS Professional (Meridian Stress Assessment System)

A technology designed to measure the electrical characteristics of the meridian points around the body. The results can then be assessed by the practitioner.

Oneness Blessing / Deeksha Healing

Humanity is at a stage of being prepared to return to our natural state… the state of Oneness with each other and with Divine Presence (God). The Oneness state has nothing to do with how long you have been on a spiritual path. It is achieved through a process referred to as the “Oneness Blessing” which creates an energetic shift in your perceptual awareness which eventually causes an “Awakening Into Oneness” through a “Flowering of Your Heart.”

Power of Sound

Sound frequency resonance can open the doorways to the infinite by dissolving defences, walls and boundaries. In this context, a defence, wall or boundary is a place, perception or experience in the mind-body that is not in resonance with the whole.


Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior. Psychology is a multifaceted discipline and includes many sub-fields of study such areas as human development, sports, health, clinical, social behavior and cognitive processes.

Psycho-Somatic Treatments

A therapy aimed at helping clients understand why they are in the physical shape they are in. Using face and body analysis the therapist can encourage great awareness of how the patient is dealing with life. Massage techniques are used to releases blockages identified, the therapist can also help you identify practical steps to assist with improving your life situation.

Quantum QXCI

QXCI stands for Quantum Xrroid Conciousness Interface. Electrodes are attached to the ankles wrists and forehead and the frequency flowing between you and the machine is measured. The machine can quickly see what is affecting you within your body.

Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop technique is a powerful technique using essential oils that was developed by D. Gary Young in the 1980s. It combines several modalities to bring balance and transformation. It also supports body systems on a physical and emotionally level.

Rational Emotive Therapy

Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT), previously called rational therapy and rational emotive therapy, is the pioneering form of cognitive behavior therapy developed by Dr. Albert Ellis in 1955. REBT is an action-oriented approach to managing cognitive, emotional, and behavioral disturbances. REBT is a practical approach to assist individuals in coping with and overcoming adversity as well as achieving goals.

Rebirthing (breathing Method)

Rebirthing is a powerful healing method which offers you an experience of freedom and mastery in your life. Rebirthing brings expanded awareness on all levels: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

Reconnective Healing

Utilising the light and information exchange of the fifth dimensional energy grid to reinvigorate the human body, mind, and spirit.

Red Tent Facilitator

The Red Tent is part of the spiritual practice of menstruation and the living of the wisdom of the cycles. The Red Tent is part of the much needed honouring of the feminine that our culture requires. The Red Tent is a place, a space, that women retreat to when they are bleeding, menstruating, when they have their ‘moonflow’. The Red Tent or Moon Lodge or Blood Temple can be an actual space or a virtual space, or a state of mind, one way or another it needs to exist.

Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation therapy is excellent for relieving stress, controlling and/or reducing anxiety and can improve sleep. The therapy is aimed at quietening the mind, when the mind is quiet it is able to restore and re-balance itself and rest.

Sleep Therapy

Sleep is essential for health and core wellbeing. Sleep therapy provides an opportunity to identify unhelpful thoughts and behaviours that may be contributing to sleep problems.

Sound Healing

Sound therapy deconstructs music into pure sound, harnessing the knowledge thatsound can have a powerful effect on our emotions. Sound therapists believe that we are all made up of different energy frequencies. They use sound frequencies to interact with these, thus attempting to rebalance the body’s energy.

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Space Clearing

Space clearing is the feng shui art of clearing and revitalizing energies in buildings. It’s as essential to the energetic maintenance of a place as physical cleaning is to the physical maintenance.

Tantric Journey

Tantric Journey is a holistic treatment program, based upon the ancient principles of Tantra and Tao in conjunction with ground-breaking Western knowledge; to create a powerful and transformative form of therapy that is capable of releasing trauma at a cellular level within the body.


Massage and physical manipulation to relieve the effects of strong emotions.


Using mental images to reduce troubles, stress and remove obstacles from our lives.

Wim Hof Method

Heightened oxygen levels hold a treasure trove of benefits, and the specialized breathing technique of the Wim Hof Method unearths them all: more energy, reduced stress levels, and an augmented immune response to swiftly deal with pathogens.

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