Daily self-care with my little bottles of magic

…everyday aromatherapy & me… I have always been a believer of self-care and the natural alternative… Essential oils and aromatherapy are a big part of my household and it’s flexible enough to be incorporated into everyday life. I live each day trying my best to maintain my emotional and physical health by using earth’s natural Read More

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Daily self-care with my little bottles of magic

…everyday aromatherapy & me… I have always been a believer of self-care and the natural alternative… Essential oils and aromatherapy are a big part of my household and it’s flexible enough to be incorporated into everyday life. I live each day trying my best to maintain my emotional and physical health by using earth’s natural Read More

Can there be a Silver Lining to C-19?

This time last year, as we approached Halloween and the winter festivities, none of us had any idea that our lives were about to change dramatically. We certainly didn’t consider the idea of being forced to wear a face covering to go shopping or get petrol and had no expectation of a lockdown and isolation Read More

Treating the Emotional Side to Chronic Pain

Why I Became a Pain Coach It all started with a shoulder injury, attributed to an intense rock climbing session. The pain was dull, at times intense, at other times barely noticeable. I wasn’t at all worried. In fact, I was rather intrigued about going to physiotherapy for the first time in my life, especially Read More

Stay healthy, lose weight, think positively!

Good nutrition and weight loss go hand in hand. Adopting a healthy, nutritious diet helps us to lose weight and then keep our weight stable. It also gives us energy, helps us sleep better, prevents many diseases and protects our mental health. Add activity to the mix and you have a winning formula for getting Read More

The Power of Rapid Transformational Therapy

Like anyone, when I heard the “hype” surrounding this new hybrid therapy modality that incorporated Hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP as well as talk therapy and other therapeutic influences, I was sceptical at best. The testimonials and in particular, the physical transformations I watched had me fascinated. Any therapy that can have somebody stand up from Read More

How are you doing?

How are you doing?  Probably a silly question, right? I hope you are doing well in this crazy world right now but if you are not, I hope to give you some ideas and tips on how to deal with stress and anxiety that you might be suffering from. Even before this pandemic hit, there Read More

The Four Foundations of Transformation: Part 4

It was through a period of dramatic personal transformation that I deeply learnt the foundations of transformation and the tools that make this a more comfortable and manageable process. Welcome to part four in this four-part series, where I am sharing the four fundamental areas that empower change along with some low or zero cost Read More

The Four Foundations of Transformation: Part 3

It was through a period of dramatic personal transformation that I deeply learnt the foundations of transformation and the tools that make this a more comfortable and manageable process. Welcome to part three in this four-part series, where I am sharing the four fundamental areas that empower change along with some low or zero cost Read More

The Four Foundations of Transformation: Part 2

It was through a period of dramatic personal transformation that I deeply learnt the foundations of transformation and the tools that make this a more comfortable and manageable process. Welcome to part two in this four-part series, where I am sharing the four fundamental areas that empower change along with some low or zero cost Read More

The Four Foundations of Transformation: Part 1

It was through a period of dramatic personal transformation that I deeply learnt the foundations of transformation and the tools that make this a more comfortable and manageable process. The four fundamental areas that empower change, which I will introduce here, along with some low or zero cost tools for each one are, personal mindset, what Read More

Yoga for the Vagina

How do you feel about your vagina? Do you love her? Or do you fear her? Do you have a juicy, intimate connection with your vagina? Or do you avoid her at all costs? What is your relationship with your vagina? Is it one where you listen to her and trust her? And only allow Read More

Why I love DoTerra Oils

We gathered in a community centre a stone’s throw away from the sea. I was on holiday in Norfolk and keen to check out the local yoga scene, and Marie’s class was top of my list so off I went. Curiously, I thought, we were invited to have a few drops of oil in our Read More

Relationships are about Compromise, not Compliance

How we act and react within relationships is typically influenced by the dynamic between the two partners – whether it is the types of personality or the context and history of each person, there can be control exerted that may not be in your best interest. And one of the quickest ways for your behaviour Read More

Boost Your Immunity

How do your boost your immunity and keep yourself in optimum health during a pandemic? There are several natural ways to boost immunity. Eat a natural, wholesome fresh daily diet. Fresh fruit and vegetables are important. Avoid refined carbohydrates, sugar and excessive alcohol. Keep your body free from toxins and drink lots of water. Boosting Read More

Love in the Time of Covid-19

Lockdown! I am single. I live alone. My love-life has taken a major hit, along with every other part of my life come to think of it, very much like yours has I am sure. So no more dates, no flirting, no human contact for the foreseeable future. That’s not a hugely welcoming prospect. We Read More

Exhausted to Energised!

Energy – we all seem to want more of it, or need more of it! Energy keeps the world moving, keeps our bodies functioning and allows all of nature to do its thing. We receive energy from the sun, the food we eat, the thoughts we think, how we move (or not), the people in Read More

Stress Me Not

With all that is going on around us, it may feel difficult to stay focused, positive and be present. So much has changed in a short space of time and it can be rather stressful not being in control and  not knowing when things will go back to what we deem as normal. In times like Read More

Raise the Vibration in your Body and your Home

The conscious use of words and symbols can help you raise the energy vibration of your home and your body. Let's start with your home. The front door invites good positive energy flow into your home. What does your doormat say? “Welcome?" This will clearly let the universe know you want to invite positive experiences Read More

Unconditional Self-Love

John Lennon quipped “Love is the Answer. What was the Question?” He was so right then, and when he sang, “All you need is Love.” From the second you were born you were completely connected to unconditional love. However, over time, you may have had experiences—with family, teachers, society— that took you away from knowing Read More

I can’t do that! Can I…?

Before I started my business just over a year ago I was not too worried about the fact that I was having a complete career change, that I would have to start from zero or that I had never been a teacher before. The things that scared me included the prospect of creating a business Read More

Should you be worried about sitting so much? Part 2

Getting adults in European countries to be at least moderately physically active could prevent over 600,000 premature deaths in Europe each year, according to research in 2015. Yet most people fall short of recommended amounts of physical activity.  As well as exercising more, reducing the amount of time spent sitting down may be beneficial. In Part Read More

Should you be worried about sitting so much? Part 1

Sitting has been called ‘the new smoking’. Smart watches and other wearable tech tell us when to get up and move. Sit-to-stand desks, treadmill desks and even cycling desks have all come on the market. What’s the relevance of all of this and should people who must sit for much of their workday be concerned? Read More

Using NLP to gain even more Confidence in your Business

Mindset is key in driving awareness to your bustling business. How can mindset help? Well, mindset is how we think, what we say to ourselves, are we reactive or proactive, do we project, and do we take time to be reflective on how we live? Sounds like a lot but - by weaving some simple Read More

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Neuro = neurology Linguistic = language Programming = neural language functions. In other words, learning NLP is like learning the language of your own mind and how to use that to live your best life. NLP Techniques We live our lives as an English speaking human but our mindset, Read More

Health & Wellness Coaches… What Do They Do?

Do you have goals? Goals that you know would have a positive impact on how you feel? I think we all do. These goals could be sleeping better, losing the extra weight gained during a holiday, being less stressed, working out more, eating healthier, improving some relationships, getting out of stressful debts etc. We all Read More

Comparison: The Thief of Joy?

I love paperclips. There, I’ve said it. And not your bog-standard silver issue ones, oh no. I’m talking about the ones shaped like roller-skates and flamingos. I’ve had to make a conscious effort to curb my purchasing of such fancies, on account of the fact that I really don’t deal with that much paper any Read More

What is Meditation?

‘So what is meditation?’ is the first cry that normally echoes around when mentioned in conversation. Most people perhaps have a picture of someone sat in a cross legged position, eyes firmly shut and chanting ‘om’. Well yes if you want to, though you can sit on a chair or lie down.  Eyes shut, again, Read More

Hallowe’en Yoga

This Halloween let’s tap into the darker side of yoga with some haunting balance work and challenging moon-focussed poses. This year Hallowe'en falls just a few days after the rise of a new moon. I had previously questioned whether I should include a Hallowe'en theme into my classes this year but then I thought, ‘why Read More

What is forgiveness & why is it so important?

So what is forgiveness? “Forgiveness is a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed you, regardless of whether they actually deserve your forgiveness” - Definition Now for me, the act of forgiving someone whether they deserved it or not was tough. To me, forgiving Read More

Mindfulness and Meditation; what’s the difference anyway?

The Mindfulness Revolution The mindfulness revolution has hit us full force, with sessions even being delivered in schools and prisons. Wellbeing gurus tell us that mindfulness and meditation are the key to a calmer, happier life. But what does that actually mean, and what exactly is the difference between mindfulness and meditation anyway? Won’t my Read More


"Renewal: The replacement or repair of something" As we go into a new season, we experience an element of change in our lives.  Darkness is upon us earlier in the day, temperatures change and the motivation we once had to get up and go disappears. We can prepare for this type of change by getting Read More

Pilates: A Panacea for all Generations

“Contrology (Pilates) develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.” Joseph Pilates Pilates is an extremely safe and effective exercise programme conceived and designed to restore optimal alignment and movement patterns. It focuses on correct functioning of the core postural muscles which help keep the spine Read More

‘But I don’t have time to meditate!’

Without a doubt one of the things I hear most often from people who have decided that they would like to learn to meditate is that they simply do not have the time and I totally get this. Our lives are a never-ending conveyor belt of chores, to-do lists and mobile phone calendar reminders. And Read More

The Magic of Cacao

While I was travelling in Costa Rica I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful family who were sharing organic, unroasted cacao with beautiful heart intention. Cacao Magic Costa Rica invited me to live with them while I completed an apprenticeship in cacao. During this time, I established a deep connection with myself and the Read More

Advantages of a Spiritual Retreat

7 Advantages of a Spiritual Retreat over a Standard Vacation The word retreat means to withdraw. The purpose of a spiritual retreat is to step back from the stress and preoccupations of daily life, and to turn one’s focus inwards, towards realising the truth of “Who I am,” and exploring the essence of one’s existence. Read More

A Healthy Mind is a Happy Mind

6 ways to support your children's mental health Children’s mental health is a hot topic nowadays. We see cases on the news, we read posts on social media and we have all heard of children who are struggling, one way or another, with their mental health. As daunting as it is, the statistics confirm that Read More

Self Care for New Mums

Here are top tips for Self Care as a New Mum Reassess what self-care means Nourishing yourself with healthy and nutritious food, getting an early night and making the time to drink your tea despite the pile of washing, are all forms of self-care. Perhaps you could budget for a cleaner instead of your TV Read More

My 10 Day Silent Retreat

Earlier this year I decided to embark on a 10 day silent retreat at the International Meditation Centre in Wiltshire. I thought that it would be a good opportunity to consolidate my learning, and allow me some space at a time when I was embarking on setting up my own meditation business. If I thought Read More

Mind Clutter and the Power of Being Present in the Moment

Contemporary life is lived at a pace that is most certainly not conducive to mental well-being. Most of us do not even notice the clutter in our minds. We are so used to having a million thoughts racing around our minds that this has become the norm. We have forgotten how to relax, to be Read More

My journey as a Health coach

Being a Health coach wasn’t something that I imagined for myself. I would say it was something that found me through the researching of foods to manage or cure minor health aliments I experienced. Through my research I enjoyed learning about how food contributes to our optimal health and wanted to share my knowledge with Read More

Have Sweeter Dreams with an Herbal Pillow

We pretty much all have such hectic lives nowadays that even our sleep is compromised. On average, 1 person in 5 complains of insomnia or frequent nightmares and disturbed sleep, which leads obviously to chronic tiredness that may affect us on many levels. If help is needed and medications don't want to be used, herbal Read More

Change your story, change your life

It was late March. The weather had been great, but on this day, the day I was invited to go for a “quick dip” in the English Channel, it was overcast and to be frank a little bit nippy. Why anyone would want to get in the slate grey water was beyond me, but I Read More

Herbal Remedies: A DIY Small Guide

Nowadays deciding to be treated only with herbal/holistic/homeopathic remedies is becoming a thing. People want to go back to the origins, being more healthy and natural, find a way to cure themselves minimising the risks and potential side effects. DIY is becoming generally very popular as well, maybe just for improving our own skills. No Read More

Stress and Anxiety Reduction for Children in the Modern Day

If, like me, you are over a certain age, you may look back upon your childhood days with a nostalgic fondness, and lament the times when life seemed free and easy, and the world a happy playground. It might seem like the rose-tinted view of a doddery old fool, but times actually were different. For Read More

My business venture to help those suffering in silence

As I walk around my local city of Norwich, I observe how people interact with each other and my results were 80% sadness and 20% heart lifting. The people who were making conversation with each other were mainly the workers on the market and the shoppers who enjoy a vintage cloth or eating proper fish Read More


“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. ” — BUDDHA When was the last time you really practiced Self-Love? If you’re struggling to remember, then you need to read this! Self-care is not selfish. Self-care is not indulgent. Self-care is a key ingredient for maintaining a healthy mind, Read More

Why it’s so hard to reach our fitness goals even when we know what to do!

Eat less, move more. More sleep, less stress. More vegetables, less junk food. We know this. More this, less that, more overwhelm. In a world of more conflicting information, overpowering information, more channels to receive that information, and not enough time to take it all in, where is there the time to take action on Read More

How a Doula can Support a Family

Welcoming a new baby into a family is a massive life changing event. Having the appropriate support available is imperative for a positive birth and early parenting experience. Doulas are trained to provide personalised emotional, physical and practical support during this wonderful time. Antenatal Birth doulas support families through the pregnancy and labour. They are Read More

Rapid Transformational Therapy™

Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™) is the pioneering new therapy method. It is gathering interest and being recognised for is phenomenal results from its creator Marissa Peer. It is different to therapy techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and talk therapy because it achieves outstanding lasting results in 1 to 3 sessions. Millions of people worldwide Read More

Nutrition and Hydration

March, 11th to 17th is the week in which we should be more aware about what we eat and drink. Then again nutrition is not only about the food we eat but also about mental nutrition and the nutrition we gain from our environment which can promote and uplift our physical and mental well-being. A Read More

Living a Natural Lifestyle

As a holistic therapist, I believe in natural health and eating wholesome fresh food. Sadly processed and pre-packaged foods have so many additives with high salt and sugar contents. When we prepare our own fresh food, we are avoiding those additives and can control what we put into our meals. Spices and herbs add flavour and Read More

The Asana Clinic: Week 3

Finding Strength in Virabhadrasana II As we begin the descent in to February, our New Year sincerities are either earnestly established, now forming an integral part of our daily routines – or they are well and truly out of the window. Whatever your situation, drawing on some inner strength could be key to re-establishing, or Read More

What’s Holding You Back?

At the start of a New Year many of us will be prompted to self-reflect and do our own personal review of the year just gone. If you had told me this time last year that I would have moved from Southern England where I had lived all my life - I’m now 57 - Read More

Health & Wellness

Why do we look for holistic therapies and yoga?  To calm the mind, de-stress or to simply find a natural therapy that will help treat our ailments? Many individuals suffer from skin complaints and pile on the lotions and potions that the pharmacy or doctor has prescribed. Does this help? It may certainly ease the Read More

5 Easy Ways to Introduce Herbal Medicine Into Your Life

I've recently encountered a few people that have made foraging an outdoor weekend adventure, bringing home wild roots and herbs, however sometimes it's nearly impossible to know where to look. I prefer to keep things simple when teaching about the benefits of herbal medicine. Below are five ways you can introduce this healing into your Read More

You deserve a doula

Before I was a doula, I was the mother of a 3 month old. Before I was a mother, I was pregnant. And before that, who knows – it hardly seems to matter anymore. If I think really hard I can remember a time when I was just Ruth, a Customer Service Director managing a Read More

Sexual and Personal Intimacy

I recently took part in an unusual exercise on a group course. There were 12 men and 12 women taking part and the women were asked to stand while the men moved among them. We were asked to individually approach each woman in turn, form a judgement and look at the woman with that judgement, Read More

12 tips for a healthier Christmas and New Year

Everyone is gearing up to the holiday season and that includes buying food, treats and drinks to help the festivities along. Whilst this is not necessarily a bad thing many people will find themselves suffering the consequences of their indulgences so here are a few tips to help you enjoy your time and feel healthier. Read More

Top Tips from a Life Coach

Being a Life Coach is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever done. It is my role to help people regain balance and control in their lives. I help people both on a personal and business level. Life can become very busy and it can be hard to find your goals and potential Read More


In recent months, potentially the last couple of years, I have been struggling. I’ve been struggling emotionally and mentally and finally I’ve taken a step back from myself and taken stock of what I have allowed to happen to myself. Without really realising it I have found my ability to cope with everyday annoyances or Read More

A Brewing Redemption

Nauseated and delirious with fever, I waited wearily under piles of blankets with an ice pack on my throbbing head while my wife steeped an herbal brew in the kitchen. I had been unable to keep anything down for hours and I felt as if my body had been pummelled in a violent boxing match. Read More

How Regular Mindfulness and Mediation Works for Me

As a Wellbeing Practitioner, I think it is important that my clients know my story. So here it is: I came to practice mindfulness and meditation 3 years ago in 2015 after needing to find a solution to help me cope with my Mum's sudden illness and the distance that I was away from her. Read More

Moody Nails: The Mudra Guidebook

The Ultimate tool for Millennial Women who are taking their wellness into their own hands...literally! Moody Nails: The Mudra Guidebook that will step up your mediation game. Featuring nail art by The Nail Social and sprinkled with guided meditations and self love advice. Indiegogo / Singapore Monday 5th November 2018 ​​- Sinnead Ali, yoga teacher, Read More

Winter Season

The winter season is upon us once more and here in the UK we're longing for a ray of sunlight to pop it's head through the thick clouds and rain. During the long, dark days we often abandon the idea of the sunshine and wrap ourselves up in a Netflix series cuddled up next to Read More

Introducing The Feldenkrais Method

“If you know what you do you can do what you want.” M. Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM) is the name given to group classes in the Feldenkrais Method and the title exactly describes the purpose and effect of this extraordinary and powerful work. Feldenkrais lessons are a space in which to increase and refine Read More

Superfood – What’s in a name?

It seems that every few months there is a new and amazing ‘superfood’ being promoted with recent members including maqui berries, moringa and chaga mushrooms to name only a few. So, what exactly is a ‘superfood’? The term superfood was initially used as a marketing slogan in the 1940’s and has no scientific basis behind Read More

Massage, Sleep, Yoga, Repeat: How Infant Massage and Yoga can aid positive sleep

Have you ever ‘slept like a baby’ after a yoga session or a relaxing massage? Is it possible for parents to use yoga and massage to encourage positive sleep health in infants? Susan Wallace, founder of Settled Petals Sleep Consultancy explores….. Baby Massage and Baby Yoga have been used for many years, but only recently Read More

Life Coaching

Some people hear the words Life Coaching and think that this is not for them. But what actually is Life Coaching and what benefits will you gain? In today’s busy world with everyone juggling their personal life, their work commitments and family commitments, everyone is striving to do the best they can. Sometimes we can Read More

5 reasons why all mamas should try life coaching

So why would you need a life coach when you’re doing perfectly well on your own, thank you very much. Well, ARE you? Truly? Are you living the life that you envisaged for yourself before the life bomb that is kids? Are you, for example, being paid to do what you love? Are you mothering Read More

Are you drinking too much coffee (how much is too much)?

Most of us like a nice cup of coffee and occasionally, before we know it, we can’t function without one. So, is it really all that bad? The answer – as a general rule is just like anything – in moderation no – coffee is fine, but (and there always seems to be a ‘but’!) Read More

Why I became a sports and exercise nutritionist

Realisation At 50 I realised my diet and sleep were terrible and I was in constant pain. I was an overweight middle-aged woman; tired all the time and could not sleep because of shoulder pain. I remember seeing pictures of myself on holidays and was shocked at how overweight and old I looked in the Read More

What are the Benefits of Life Coaching?

What is Life Coaching? Life Coaching is the practice of working with a client in a consistent, non-judgmental way, and from a non-biased perspective. During the process, the coach will help to establish where a client is in their life right now, to work through and find out where they want to get to in Read More

Are you unintentionally contributing to your health problems?

Many people suffering from chronic health conditions are frustrated; increasing number of tablets with higher and higher doses can result in horrible side effects and a limited period of relief before symptoms return. Feeling unable to control your own health can be concerning but help is at hand. Clinical Nutrition Clinical nutrition addresses the body Read More

The Benefits of Practising Mindfulness

Jon Kabat-Zinn (the founder of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme) describes mindfulness as… “…paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally” But what does that really mean? Do you ever feel like you’re merely existing? Drifting through life like a zombie or in a state of mild panic Read More


5 Reasons why your efforts to get your sleep back have been a waste of time, nerves and money Today I want to talk about why you will never be able to sleep again, if you are only looking at “Sleep” as your problem. This might sound counterintuitive because, obviously you're not sleeping, so it Read More

Energy Healing

Introducing myself, I am Bobi O’Rourke What is Holistic Coaching and Energy Healing? Holistic Coaching and Energy healing is a combined skill in which I use my intuition whilst hearing and sensing what it is that a person/client is experiencing and in what stage that they may be in their own journey. People/human beings are Read More

The Amazing Placenta

The placenta is an amazing and normally disregarded organ that develops in your uterus during pregnancy. This structure provides oxygen and nutrients to your growing baby and removes waste products from your baby's blood. The placenta attaches to the wall of your uterus, and your baby's umbilical cord arises from it. Many women are unaware of the many nutrients Read More

Meditation Guide: How to Begin your Meditation Journey

If you’re like me your life is busy, full of to do lists, and pretty non-stop. Most of what you do every day, day in day out isn’t even for you – it’s for your kids, or your parents or you partner. Have you ever stopped and looked at your life to see what you Read More

Why your health means so much more than your meals

(and it’s definitely not a number). Have you ever sat down at the end of a long day and reflected on your daily health? Try it – what have you done today for your health? When I ask this question to my Health Coaching clients, 90% of the time, the answer is, “I had spinach Read More

What is a Doula and what does a Doula do?

What is a doula? A Doula (pronounced doo-luh) provides emotional and practical support to women, couples and families, before, during and after childbirth. Although doulas are not medically qualified and do not offer medical advice they provide continuity of care, reassurance and can help women find accurate information and make informed decisions. The support doulas Read More

Self Awareness

This infographic details 12 ways in which you can increase your self awareness. Try them today!

You Are What You Eat!

“You are what you eat!”  Easy to say!  “Everybody knows about nutrition!”  Easy to claim!  How is it then, that despite all that we know, our planet is struggling with over 340 million obese children and over 650 million obese adults and all the health problems that result according to the World Health Organisation?  Something Read More

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Join us, the 4.7 million self-employed workers in the UK and, no longer be snowed under, enjoy being snowed in! 7.30am. The silence is deafening. The brightness through the glazed bathroom window confirms my suspicions. The beast from the east, as the media call the icy blast, has hit North Wales. A thick white blanket Read More

The Health Benefits of Meditation

We all know that meditation is good for you, but what health benefits can you expect? How long do you have to practice before you can see the results? And how often is it best to practice? Over the last two decades there have been over 3,000 scientific studies on the benefits of meditation including Read More

Herb Science

I became interested in plants when I was about 12 years old. Clutching a handful of wild flower identification books, I would wander around the English countryside until I knew most of the British flora by sight. Later I began growing decorative plants from all over the world, completing my devotion to all things green. Read More

The Nutrition of Mental Health

"Mental Health is an integral part of health; indeed, there is no health without mental health." (World Health Organization, 2010)

Is Sugar really as addictive as Cocaine?

Ever noticed how you can never just have one sweet, one bite, one nibble? One turns into two and before you know it, you’ve finished the lot. Yep we have all done it. Or you get that craving for an unnecessary slice of something sweet and gooey deep in the night? Or a quick finger Read More

Soul Food

When our bodies and minds are out of sync, we become vulnerable to ailments and struggles. We slow down and sacrifice our goals as stress plagues us and energy fades. Fortunately, we have the power to shatter this cycle and discover fulfillment! Embark on a journey of wholesome self-discovery with this visual guide. It presents Read More

Nutritional Therapy

What role can Nutritional Therapy play in a society filled with an abundance of health information from different doctors, specialists, and self-proclaimed internet health guru’s? Well in a nutshell, Nutritional Therapy is simply working with healthy individuals to prevent disease, or to work with individuals that have already developed disease, to minimise the symptoms of Read More

The 5 Principles of Effective Goal Setting

Dr. Edwin Locke’s 1968 paper “Towards a theory of task motivation and incentives.” identified five principles of effective goal setting: 1. Clarity Unclear goals are one of the biggest stumbling blocks to achieving your goals! Clarity is about knowing what you are attempting to achieve, by when, and having some measure that signifies when you Read More

Be Mindful Every Day

Every day many of us do the same thing day in day out. We get up, get dressed, grab a quick breakfast and head out the door. We drop the kids at school, go to work, or work our way through our to do list, we are on AUTO PILOT. Let’s use the morning commute Read More

First, Do What’s Necessary

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible! — St. Francis of Assisi I was first introduced to the concept of Adikara, as meaning 'studentship', or my preferred definition, 'the work that needs to be done'. It describes both the diligence and the patience required for the Read More

Writing a Journal?

Writing a journal can be one of the most powerful self-awareness tools there is... but getting started can be daunting! After extolling the virtues of journalling to clients, and most recently to our new intake of teacher trainees, I decided it was time to put it to paper (so to speak) and share a few Read More

How Much Sleep do we Really Need?

How much sleep do each of us really need and what are the benefits of achieving the optimum time for ourselves.

Healing Leaky Gut and Optimising Digestive Function

What is leaky gut and what causes it? Leaky gut is a condition where the gut wall has been damaged by a variety of causes, such as pathogens, inflammatory foods, alcohol or prescription medications. The symptoms can present as many different issues, or in some cases may not occur at all. The most common symptoms Read More

The Power of Mindfulness

Stepping out of autopilot and a cortisol fueled existence and embracing every aspect of reality has truly transformed my life. Five years prior to finding mindfulness and beginning my practice I worked as part of the senior leadership team in a large, tough inner city secondary comprehensive school, a school located in one of the Read More

Mindfulness, Depression and Me

I suffer from chronic depression and have done for many years.  Although I was on medication and it does work for me I would still find myself succumbing to the onslaught of dark thoughts and spiralling downwards into nothingness.  I was having a 6 monthly review with my GP who suggested I try meditation as Read More

Spotlight on Essential Oils

What are essential oils? An essential oil is a liquid that is generally distilled by steam or water from the leaves, stems, flowers, barks or roots of a plant.

October Abhyanga

As the natural world begins to shift towards a time of retreating and regrouping, try this Ayurvedic daily self-care prescription, the Dinacharya, to reinspire your self care practice and stave off that cold weather lethargy; Step 1. Wake up before dawn! This might seem like a tricky starting point but according to Doshic theory between Read More

Botanical Herbs in Today’s Medicine

A timeline of herbal medicines from 2800 B.C. to 2000 A.D.

Stressed-out Elephant in the Room

What happened to the notion that life and work should be enjoyable and happy experiences? When was the last time you met anybody that is completely at ease yet fully engaged with his/hers existence, work and life? Stress and its effects are now permeating our daily lives to such degree that they are taken for Read More

Colour Therapy for Health Benefits

Today we take colour for granted. When it comes to colour we place more emphasis on fashion and interior design. But you may be surprised to know that colour as a healing tool has been in existence for thousands of years, but like many of our holistic therapies they have slipped by the wayside. Colour Read More

Cherished Beginnings – Placenta Remedies

What is a placenta? Well… it’s your baby’s first source of nutrition. The morning sickness that 75% of women experience, is the placenta developing to provide your baby with all the important hormones and nutrition it needs to grow for the next few months. Nowadays, after your baby is delivered the placenta is disposed of Read More

Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation has grown in popularity and is starting to appear more frequently in the media and mainstream conversation.  Many well know women such as Mayim Bialik, Alicia Silverstone and January Jones, have chosen to encapsulate their placentas to support themselves through the 4th trimester. To me the idea that the organ that enables your Read More

Winter Blues

January is often a struggle for a few reasons and the January blues is rather well known. The Christmas cheer has faded, the weather is cold and the days are still short. End of January sees the days getting longer, yet we still have a couple of weeks to go before Spring wakes up Nature Read More

Life Coach

I always make it clear to my clients that I am a Life Coach and not  a counsellor nor therapist and that they may have to change deeply held beliefs and values to progress in life. But they can be assured that they can choose change and that change is possible. For example a client may Read More

What is Colour Therapy?

Colour Therapy is a totally safe non-invasive complementary therapy that uses colour and light to bring  back balance to the mind  and body in order to stimulate deep inner healing. The appropriate  healing colours are administered by a trained therapist and self-administered afterwards. Colour Therapy can be used to alleviate many different chronic problems, including Read More

The benefits of visiting a Nutritional Therapist

You wonder why your best friend can eat what she likes, yet the minute you look at that chocolate cake you can feel it on your hips? It may be that her default gene expression setting is one that gives her a brilliant metabolism compared with yours. But don’t give up, all is not lost; Read More

Five a Day or More?

The Purpose of Fruit and Vegetables We have all heard the phrase of eating five a day. But do most people understand all the reasons why we should eat all these fruit and vegetables? The first most obvious reason is to gain all the vitamins and minerals different fruits and vegetables contain. The body uses Read More

The benefits of taking Fermented foods in Winter

Leaving for work in the cold frosty mornings, scraping the ice off your car then returning home in the dark wet evening can only mean one thing, yes, winter is upon us. We all know that unfortunately with winter comes coughs colds and sniffles which form from bacteria in the damp air and blowing around, Read More

Enjoy the Silence

I’m sure I can’t be alone in craving a bit of silence in my life.  Sometimes the world seems so busy and hectic, bombarded with a constant stream of noise and distractions.  It also becomes habit to switch on the radio or reach for the phone when you find yourself alone for a moment. However, Read More

Get Your Body Ready for Winter

With the speedy and ultra busy modern rhythm of life, many of us have forgotten that our bodies follow the rhythm of Mother Nature. As the winter is coming, tree leaves are turning into beautiful colours as the sap is going down to the roots. The trees are getting ready to stand still and wait Read More

Skin so soft!

I don’t know about you, but my skin is becoming even more sensitive as I age. When I was younger I was always ‘one of those children’ who had various allergies, mainly to food or body products. Later when I was studying at university I had a mild stroke, I was in my early twenties. Read More

The 4th Trimester, life with a newborn – Postnatal Doula Support

When you bring your newborn home, what happens next? There is usually a flurry of phone calls, Skype dates, deliveries, visitors and sometimes an abundance of flowers and food. Gosh, what a treat! If only you weren’t recovering from a major life event, bleeding heavily, trying to establish feeding, and caring for a new, tiny, Read More


If you were to imagine for a moment what has made you who you are today, you would conjure up an insurmountable number of events, situations, places, culture, values etc. that have contributed to who you are today.  There is no way that we can be reductionist when we discuss human behaviour and who we Read More

Why is it important to spend time realigning yourself every day?

You know those moments when you feel completely overwhelmed? When you feel like you are being pulled in numerous directions or that you just don’t seem to be yourself as your emotions feel like they want to burst out of you? In essence, Abraham Hicks would call this type of feeling, emotion and/or situation, ‘swimming Read More

Superfood for Supermums

Post-natal Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide Ideally, your first, and probably second, drink of the day: COFFEE, nice and hot, probably an extra sugar – you will need the pick-me-up. Lovely toasted bagel, smothered with Nutella, oh and a banana – we must reach our 5-a-day! Snacks, let’s see, what’s handy, small bag of popcorn, some Read More


Hypnobirthing combines hypnosis with relaxation and breathing techniques to bring about relatively pain free childbirth. The mum-to-be will attend 4 or 5 sessions during the last trimester together with a birthing partner. This could be her husband or partner, or it may be a friend or relative who is committed to being with her during Read More

Baby Massage – A Brief How-To Guide

Why should a new parent massage their baby and what are the benefits of Baby Massage?  There are so many benefits of Baby Massage. It is a traditional practice to: increase bonding and attachment between parents and their babies, to stimulate the babies bodies, body awareness and language development, to provide relief of things like growing Read More

Meditation in slow motion in the Cilento

An holistic holiday at Donkey's pace Slow walking in the Cilento, is a form of Meditation that comes naturally, like breathing. It is meditation in motion, in action. Zen does not confuse spirituality with thinking about God while one is peeling potatoes. Zen spirituality is just to peel the potatoes. The 'Motion' is the strolling Read More

Health-related taxes on food and beverages

This press release and link to the full paper is the first out of three documents  that the Food Research Collaboration have released. If you’re interested in the debate about sugar in our diets then this series of papers may be for you. UK Government must face ‘mounting evidence’ and consider a tax on unhealthy foods Read More

Body and Mind Wellbeing

Why Body and Mind well beings are important? Good Body and mental health well beings are important to lives of all people and to the communities where they live. It is essential to achieve a healthy, resilient and thriving population. The skills and attributes associated with mental health wellbeing (e.g. self respect, confidence, resilience, tolerance, Read More

Holistic Lifestyle – A Journey of Tastes

Two years ago I set out on journey that has taken me to stunning places, off the beaten track, where people that have made a choice to live holistically have opened their hearts and their homes, sharing their happiness, health and good fortune with friends and world travellers alike. I found myself in quite unique Read More

Amazing April!

Hi fabulous peeps! Welcome to another month, a month of amazing opportunities for growth and self-development! Yes it is April already! After a very successful ‘Mind Full, or Mindful’ Workshop which I held earlier this month, I would like to share with all of you two of the power tools that I teach in this Read More

Race to save Ratty as UK water voles face uncertain future

Launch of first National Water Vole Monitoring Programme Once a familiar sight along our waterways, water voles have rapidly disappeared from much of the landscape, experiencing the most serious decline of any wild mammal over the last century. The shocking drop in numbers is due to the release and spread of non-native mink across the Read More

Health and Wellness Coaching

Coaching has been used for many years to help support those learning a new skill or behaviour so that they are able to reach a personal or professional goal.   You may be more familiar with it in the world of sport, business or perhaps in the form of life coaching. However, one you may be Read More

Vitamins in your food

Do you know which foods give you your essential vitamins? If you know which foods provide you with which vitamins you can work to providing you and your family with a healthy balanced diet. Everything in moderation. Your body will love you for it. “A Guide To Vitamins In Your Food” on Health Perch

Palm oil Debate

This is perhaps a little off topic but I believe that if we are looking into ensuring our health and wellbeing on a day to day basis then the environment we live in and the food we eat is an important element of this. I don’t know about you but I worry daily about what Read More

Dashing Dish

I’m feeling a little bit obsessed at the moment about cake making but at the same time I need to lose a few pounds. So I have been keeping my eye out for sweet treats but using a healthy recipe that can also be good for me (and you). One of my favourites, that I found Read More

Is the western lifestyle making us sick?

The more I read about the western lifestyle the more I find myself asking “Why are we so sick when we have so many advantages at our fingertips?” I have decided to try to figure out if there is an answer to this question and if so, what is it, and can we turn it around. Read More


How much do you know about the superfood – Spirulina? I have tried to put together a summary about Spirulina for you.

Maintain a High Energy Field

How to maintain a High Vibe Energy Field in Daily Life By Nina Miriam Sell Angel Intuitive™, Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Reflexologist VTCT ( It is so easy to get bogged down with stuff and clutter of all sorts in everyday life isn’t it? Whether at meditation classes or healing sessions so many times Read More

The Holstee Manifesto

The founders of the Holstee Manifesto Dave, Mike and Fabian decided together to write down their definition of success so they could reflect back on these definitions when they felt stuck and living by other peoples definition of happiness. Let’s have a look at the definitions they came up with: This is your life, do Read More

Meditation for Children part 2

Following on from my post about the meditation album for children. Christie Michael has shared her children's meditation class technique with us. It gives a great insight into how a meditation class for children might be run. Meditation for children can be a great way for them to learn to relax in the hectic world Read More

Chakra Dancing

Dancing Thru the Chakras We all experience energy blocks in the body, causing us to suffer from fatigue, low energy levels, anxiety, lack of confidence, or simply the pressures of everyday life.  Imagine allowing your body to simply release it and let it go. Chakra Dancing isn’t your normal type of exercise class; it’s a Read More

Meditation for Kids

Can meditation help our little ones find strength and comfort in this busy world we live in? I found this lovely album called Awareness Games for Kids on Do Yoga With Me. My eldest (9yrs) tends to get a little het up when he has to do something he doesn’t want to. I wonder if Read More

Moisturising the Natural Way

Winter has arrived and with it (finally) a drop in the temperature. Now is the time we start putting our heating on and covering our bodies up to keep warm. If you’re anything like me then you’ll find that your skin becomes drier and more sensitive. I used to use commercial products such as E45 Read More

Moving Away from Microbeads

Did you know that micro beads in your exfoliant are the poisoning lakes and seas, all so we can have soft, smooth skin? Do we need to use exfoliants that incorporate plastic beads, why not look at the ways in which you can make your own exfoliants with natural ingredients. I personally make a hand Read More

Clinical Pilates

Why pilates can be a fantastic rehabilitation tool to stay active longer Joseph Pilates, the creator of Pilates, originally worked with many dancers and individuals that were able to progress through the whole repertoire of challenging exercises. However, in the modern day Pilates has gained a reputation for working with a wider range of clientele, Read More

What Makes You You?

The things by which we generally define ourselves – appearance, personality, abilities, work, relationships, etc – can all change. Our sense of self can be influenced by what people say, the situations around us and the problems we face. What is it, then, that defines who we are? Much of the unhappiness and insecurity in Read More

What is pilates?

Pilates was developed by German born Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. It was mainly popularised in the United States, where Joseph moved to with his wife in 1923. It also became popular in the United Kingdom where he lived and trained others with his method early in his career. Contrology is the term Read More

Do you feel like hibernating?

As the nights draw in earlier and earlier I don’t believe I am alone in feeling the desire to hibernate. The heating is on, I’m wrapped up in my warm jumper with big fluffy socks on and a good book in my hands. Bliss. Well it is bliss except that I seem to grind to Read More

Essential Oils

Essential Oils can play a big part in your health and wellbeing. Essential oils are made to heal. Research has shown that certain oils have the ability to affect the central nervous system—meaning they have the power to lower blood pressure, calm you down, or give you an afternoon energy boost. If you are considering a Read More

Sleep/Obesity Connection

What has getting enough sleep got to do with weight gain? Well, a lot apparently. The amount and quality of sleep that you get every night has an impact on your body and your desire to consume food, especially the bad sort. I know from my own personal experience that sleep can have a huge Read More

My Super Demon Life

The other day someone remarked that I seem to organise my day so that I have no time to think and no time for myself. I was a little taken aback by this and decided to look into her statement. I sat and thought about what my day entails, and it goes as follows: 6.45 Read More

Homemade Beauty Products

Does anyone make their own cosmetics? I have tried out home made deodorant and found it terribly caustic on my skin however I have made lip balm and lotion bars which have both worked wonderfully and I have eschewed the shop bought lotion and lip balm I used to use. I would love to hear Read More


Are you aware of the benefits of babywearing in the first year of your little one’s life? Check out this excellent infographic from Close parent detailing the benefits to be gained.  

Decoding Diets

Finding the right diet for your circumstances can be a difficult prospect. This infographic gives a breakdown of 5 different types of diet that might be suitable for you. Source:

Be Mindful

Telling people to be mindful seems to be the in thing at the moment (even though the idea has been around for a long time). The dictionary describes mindful as “attentive, heedful and aware”.  When someone says “be mindful” to you or you read that you should “be mindful” what does it mean? Mental Health Read More

Burnout or Chillout?

Most of us have experienced the feeling of being on ‘overload’ – our energy feels low, problems feel insurmountable and we begin to doubt our abilities.  A weekend away from it all and a good heart-to-heart with a reassuring friend can often put us back on track and help us lighten up. Then, in retrospect, Read More

Benefits of Coconut Oil – Fact or Fiction?

Let’s take a look at coconut oil and subjectively examine the claims made by this infographic. To view the complete infographic read Reasons to use Coconut Oil. Firstly what is coconut oil? Coconut oil is derived from the flesh of matured coconuts. One tablespoon of coconut oil contains 117 calories, 14 grams fat (combined saturated, Read More

Reasons to use Coconut oil

We see these infographics and articles all the time. 11 reasons why you should do something (see below) or 10 reasons this new wonderful discovery is good for you. But are they really? Can you believe what you read or should you do your own research and come to your own conclusions. I believe you should do Read More

Meatless Monday

We’re not suggesting you become vegetarian, simply asking, have you thought about cutting down on your red meat intake? Millions of people around the world have. Read the infographic below to see how you would benefit your health and the world itself by joining “Meatless Monday”. “The Meatless Monday Phenomenon” on Health Perch

Choose your Juice

Which fruit juice do you enjoy with your breakfast? Classed as one of your five fruit and vegetable portions of the day which one should you be drinking? As you can see, different juices have different affects. Choose wisely and your body will thank you for it.

The Global Retreat Centre

Since ancient times, retreats have been a way of renewing inner strength and reconnecting with a higher source of wisdom.  In times of personal crises or major life changes, we instinctively feel the pull to retreat deeper within ourselves to find the clarity to make the right life choices. As such, meditation has been used Read More


Ayurveda, translates as “knowledge of life,” . It dates back some 5,000 years to the ancient Vedic culture in India. It is one of the worlds oldest medical systems that examines physical constitution, emotional nature, and spiritual outlook in the context of the universe. “All About Ayurveda” on Health Perch