I posted a while back about the great site www.doyogawithme.com In my pursuit to find online beginner yoga videos I have come across several more sites that I thought I would share with you.

  1. Clare Waldron – By signing up for a free membership you have access to a 30 day yoga course for beginners. The first section is about breathing. I tried the first video last night and found it to be very well described, calming and soothing. For me there wasn’t enough movement but if you are looking for a gentle exercise focussed on breathing I would recommend this.
  2. Do You Yoga – This website is full of articles about Yoga, lifestyle and inspiration. Not all the videos on this site are free but The 30 Day Meditation Challenge (begins on 1st Feb) and The 30 Day Yoga Challenge both are. Each day for 30 days you get a yoga/meditation video direct to your inbox. I have signed up to the 30 day challenge let’s see how I get on. This site is also great for articles containing images of poses and suggesting poses for certain problem areas.
  3. 42 Yogis – Comprising sections on Yoga, wellness, yoga business, recipes, products, studio listings as well as Free online videos. You can search the videos based on your skill level, duration of the class as well as tags. There is a great collection of beginner videos. I thought I would try the 20 minute Yoga Flow for beginners.

I will post more free online yoga sources as I come across them. Good luck.