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Nutritional Therapy

What role can Nutritional Therapy play in a society filled with an abundance of health information from different doctors, specialists, and self-proclaimed internet health guru’s? Well in a nutshell, Nutritional Therapy is simply working with healthy individuals to prevent disease, or to work with individuals that have already developed disease, to minimise the symptoms of Read More

Diet, Health and Nutrition

ABCDEFGHIJKLNPSTVW A - Alakaline Diet to Ayurevedic Medicine B - Bach Remedies to Buddhist Diet C - Cellular Healing to Cookie Diet D - DASH Diet to Dukan Diet E - Eat Clean Diet to Elimination Diet F - Fasting to Fruitarian G - Gemmotherapy H - Hacker's Diet to Hormonal Fat Loss Nutrition I - I-tal to Read More

Health-related taxes on food and beverages

This press release and link to the full paper is the first out of three documents  that the Food Research Collaboration have released. If you’re interested in the debate about sugar in our diets then this series of papers may be for you. UK Government must face ‘mounting evidence’ and consider a tax on unhealthy foods Read More

Sleep/Obesity Connection

What has getting enough sleep got to do with weight gain? Well, a lot apparently. The amount and quality of sleep that you get every night has an impact on your body and your desire to consume food, especially the bad sort. I know from my own personal experience that sleep can have a huge Read More

Reasons to use Coconut oil

We see these infographics and articles all the time. 11 reasons why you should do something (see below) or 10 reasons this new wonderful discovery is good for you. But are they really? Can you believe what you read or should you do your own research and come to your own conclusions. I believe you should do Read More

Meatless Monday

We’re not suggesting you become vegetarian, simply asking, have you thought about cutting down on your red meat intake? Millions of people around the world have. Read the infographic below to see how you would benefit your health and the world itself by joining “Meatless Monday”. “The Meatless Monday Phenomenon” on Health Perch

Choose your Juice

Which fruit juice do you enjoy with your breakfast? Classed as one of your five fruit and vegetable portions of the day which one should you be drinking? As you can see, different juices have different affects. Choose wisely and your body will thank you for it.