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2 Birth Partner Rules

There has been many efforts recently by doulas across the country, via MVPs, letters to NHS trusts etc to change the current 2 birth partner rules (or lack thereof – more detail in the open letter linked below). Nothing seems to be making a dent and some of the responses (where there have been some) Read More


Motherhood YogaOpening and Closing like a Flower Posted on29th August 2018 29Aug2018 focusonadmin Read More YogaPregnancy and New Mum Yoga Posted on18th August 2020 18Aug2020 focusonadmin How yoga can help you during pregnancy and as a new mum Pregnancy and early motherhood are times of massive changes, where women are reassessing their identities, their relationships, Read More

Pre & Post Natal Yoga

Yoga, Pregnancy and beyond Pregnancy changes your body in so many different ways, as do the demands of your newborn once they have arrived. Yoga can be an excellent tool to help build your body's strength and resilience to help support your growing baby and that of your newborn. Is Yoga For Me Curious about Read More