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Boost Your Immunity

How do your boost your immunity and keep yourself in optimum health during a pandemic? There are several natural ways to boost immunity. Eat a natural, wholesome fresh daily diet. Fresh fruit and vegetables are important. Avoid refined carbohydrates, sugar and excessive alcohol. Keep your body free from toxins and drink lots of water. Boosting Read More

Exhausted to Energised!

Energy – we all seem to want more of it, or need more of it! Energy keeps the world moving, keeps our bodies functioning and allows all of nature to do its thing. We receive energy from the sun, the food we eat, the thoughts we think, how we move (or not), the people in Read More


"Renewal: The replacement or repair of something" As we go into a new season, we experience an element of change in our lives.  Darkness is upon us earlier in the day, temperatures change and the motivation we once had to get up and go disappears. We can prepare for this type of change by getting Read More

My journey as a Health coach

Being a Health coach wasn’t something that I imagined for myself. I would say it was something that found me through the researching of foods to manage or cure minor health aliments I experienced. Through my research I enjoyed learning about how food contributes to our optimal health and wanted to share my knowledge with Read More

Nutrition and Hydration

March, 11th to 17th is the week in which we should be more aware about what we eat and drink. Then again nutrition is not only about the food we eat but also about mental nutrition and the nutrition we gain from our environment which can promote and uplift our physical and mental well-being. A Read More

Living a Natural Lifestyle

As a holistic therapist, I believe in natural health and eating wholesome fresh food. Sadly processed and pre-packaged foods have so many additives with high salt and sugar contents. When we prepare our own fresh food, we are avoiding those additives and can control what we put into our meals. Spices and herbs add flavour and Read More

Health & Wellness

Why do we look for holistic therapies and yoga?  To calm the mind, de-stress or to simply find a natural therapy that will help treat our ailments? Many individuals suffer from skin complaints and pile on the lotions and potions that the pharmacy or doctor has prescribed. Does this help? It may certainly ease the Read More