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Let’s keep the Festival of Samhain

The shops are selling Hallowe’en things, such as masks, witches costumes, trick or treat things. Today, buying food for my dogs at a Pet supplies shop I was served at the till by a man with a spider web drawn on his face... First of all, how is this word pronounced? It’s pronounced Sowen or Read More

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Lifestyle Change your story, change your life Posted on17th April 2019 17Apr2019 It was late March. The weather had been great, but on this day, the day I was invited to go for a “quick dip” in the English Channel, it was overcast and to be frank a little bit nippy. Why anyone would want Read More

Angel Card Readings

The energy of angel card readings are full of love and clarity. Whether you have someone give you a reading or are simply using cards for yourself. They can help give inspiration and guidance in many areas of your life. Sometimes in life we just need a little encouragement or confirmation in our mind. Over Read More


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Self Care and Mental Health Spring is hovering on the horizon, although with all this barmy weather you'd be forgiven for thinking that it had already arrived. I feel like my body, mind and spirit are coming out of hibernation just like the bulbs that are flowering in my garden and I feel energised, hopeful Read More

Enjoy the Silence

I’m sure I can’t be alone in craving a bit of silence in my life.  Sometimes the world seems so busy and hectic, bombarded with a constant stream of noise and distractions.  It also becomes habit to switch on the radio or reach for the phone when you find yourself alone for a moment. However, Read More

Body and Mind Wellbeing

Why Body and Mind well beings are important? Good Body and mental health well beings are important to lives of all people and to the communities where they live. It is essential to achieve a healthy, resilient and thriving population. The skills and attributes associated with mental health wellbeing (e.g. self respect, confidence, resilience, tolerance, Read More

Amazing April!

Hi fabulous peeps! Welcome to another month, a month of amazing opportunities for growth and self-development! Yes it is April already! After a very successful ‘Mind Full, or Mindful’ Workshop which I held earlier this month, I would like to share with all of you two of the power tools that I teach in this Read More