After being in quite severe pain and discomfort with my lower back and my legs for a long time (many years in fact) due to cysts on my spine. I was taking increasing amounts of painkillers and spending half my life on heat pads, pulled down by the pain and in tears, having got to the stage where I needed a walking stick to get about, I’d had more than enough.

As a ‘last resort’ I decided to try and tackle the problem in a more ‘natural’ way and cautiously made an appointment to see Reiki Master Tracey Jones (BSc. Hons. Cert Ed. IIHHT, IHBC, BGI).

Her treatment room is part of Tracey’s own ‘School of Healing’ which is situated (along with other Community groups) in the Community Centre on Cannon Street in Accrington. It is a lovely looking, old School building, with a wonderful, spacious hall and rooms galore and a lovely, peaceful atmosphere. Tracey’s treatment room is actually upstairs, but for those who can’t manage the stairs there is a small lift.

“The thing which really puts the fire in my belly,” Tracey tells me, her eyes lighting up as she speaks, “would be to be able to provide treatments to those people who are most in need, yet least able to afford them. Treatments such as these can be way out of the reach of people struggling on benefits or low wages, yet they are ideal for helping them relax, to be able to better handle their situation, and to ease many of their aches and pains.” Watching her face as she talks, it is obvious this is something she is very passionate about.

I didn’t know quite what to expect when I arrived there, hobbling in on my walking stick, in so much pain, with my nerves a little on edge, but I need not have worried. As soon as Tracey came out to greet me, exuding warmth and friendliness, somehow, I could tell this was going to be time well spent.

A willowy ash blonde, with a big smile, gentle manner and honest eyes, Tracey immediately put me at my ease and the next 1.5 hours simply flew by! She is such an easy person to talk to, I felt as if I had known her forever. I left her treatment room walking on air and feeling far more energized than I had felt in a long time.

Tracey Jones is a Reflexologist. Although she is far more than just that. Also a qualified Medical Herbalist and Reiki Master, with teaching certificates as well as many other practitioner qualifications. Tracey runs ‘The School of Healing’ where she teaches such things as Reiki Healing, Body Massage, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology, with plans to run other courses in the not too distant future.

She is also the founder of ‘Naturcopia’, which is the name of her natural product range, providing wild-crafted, handmade chemical-free plant remedies; including rubs, sprays, inhalers and more. Apparently, over the past 7 years, they have proved to be very efficacious, and of course, they all smell totally wonderful, believe me! The room where the treatments are carried out is filled with delightful perfumes, with bottles of oils and aromatherapy scents all around.

After an initial period of sitting in comfortable chairs in a warm room, with a glass of water, chatting and answering some basic questions, mainly with regard to any serious medical conditions I might have and any medications I may have been taking (questions which should always be asked by reputable practitioners, to avoid the possible problems of chemical interaction alongside those with which the practitioners work). Tracey helped me up onto her comfortable couch, placed a fat, squishy pillow beneath my head and covered me with a soft, warm blanket.

From the comfortable cocoon of the couch, clients are able to look out of the tall windows and see the tower of St. James’ Church across the road, with the tops of the nearby trees silhouetted against the sky. A view guaranteed to help you drift away, especially with a breeze moving the trees around. A perfect location, which in itself inspires time for inner peace and reflection.

Tracey set to work on my feet in this safe, enclosed setting, with gentle music playing in the background; at first, she simply used talcum powder to ease the movement of her hands over my skin, working through a sequence of Reflex Points, which correspond with various parts of the body. She then used one of her own Naturcopia blends, aimed at relieving muscular and joint pain and inflammation. A plethora of delightful perfumes drifted around us as she worked. I could smell lavender, cinnamon, ginger and rosemary, along with other, slightly fainter scents, such as arnica, comfrey and beeswax, which all harmonized perfectly, blending together into one luscious aroma.

As Tracey massaged the rub into my feet and lower legs, I soon became aware of a gentle warmth penetrating my skin and sinking right into my bones. I had never experienced anything quite like that before. It was soothing and helped relieve a niggling headache I’d been having for quite a while, as well as working wonders on my legs, feet and strangely, my back, even though she only ever touched my feet to just above the ankles.

I was able to watch her working on me and noticed that most of the time, her eyes were closed, which seemed to aid her in being able to feel where any treatment might be needed. At one point, when she touched one part of my foot, I told her it felt as if there was gravel under her fingers. She shocked me by asking if I had thyroid problems. I hadn’t mentioned that to her in our earlier chat, as it is usually well under control and I simply forgot about it, but she told me I should go and get it checked out as there seemed to be an imbalance there. I did have it checked later and sure enough, I needed a slight increase in the dosage!

She also mentioned something else which I was having a few small problems with at the time and waiting to go into hospital for tests (I hadn’t told her about that, as I was not on any medication for it at the time and it wasn’t anything really serious). What she told me on that day absolutely tied in with the test results I got back some weeks later! I was, and still am, completely amazed that a person can tell you those things without them even being hinted at, just by touching your feet! How on earth do they do it?

It was so relaxing on the couch that I think I drifted off, and definitely dreamed of wonderful things, although I wasn’t completely asleep, as I could still hear the lovely music and feel exactly what she was doing to my feet. It just felt as if I was floating away, without a care in the world!

When she finished the treatment, Tracey told me to stay on the couch and brought me a big glass of water. I needed it all as my mouth had gone quite dry. As I sat up, I felt quite dizzy, so remained sitting on the edge of the couch for a while to re-balance myself.

“It is quite common for the client to be a little bit disorientated and dizzy immediately after a treatment,” Tracey informed me, “so if you are driving, be aware of that and allow yourself a little while to ‘come back to earth’ before you think about driving home. Better still, get someone else to do the driving so that you can rest for a while and feel the full effects of the treatment. Reflexology treats the whole person, not just specific imbalances. Allow yourself time to readjust”.

I had never had Reflexology before, despite being told how good it was if you got the right practitioner. Well I certainly found the right practitioner! As I left her room, I was feeling so energized and refreshed, and somehow, much more empowered than before. I could almost have flown home and hardly needed my walking stick. The aches and pains I had been having for so long had almost completely gone.

Of course, I did realise, even before I went to see Tracey, that to combat such long standing, deep-seated pain would take more than just one session. However, I thought I’d see how the first one went, then base what I did on that. Before I left there, I had already booked in for another treatment the following week.

I have been back to visit Tracey on a few occasions now and always come away refreshed, revitalised and walking on air. My long-standing problem has definitely eased a lot, I am now able to manage my condition far better. Reflexology is certainly the thing which has had the most profound pain-relieving effect for me. I now take very few pain killers, hardly need the heat pad (unless I do something silly!) and am able to do without the walking stick for long periods of time. If I know I will be walking a lot in any one day, I still take the stick though, just in case!

Since that day, I have referred quite a few people to her, the vast majority have had similar results. Of course, there will always be some people for whom treatments like this will not work, but isn’t it worth a try? I for one know that at the time I went to see her, I had got to the point where I was willing to try almost anything to be free of the debilitating pain, she really was a last resort. How I wish I had known about her years ago!

Honestly, I can say, hand firmly on my heart, Tracey has made a huge difference to my life, I can now do many things I was struggling with before, just to be able to go to bed and have a full night’s sleep, uninterrupted by pain, is fantastic in itself!

I heartily recommend Tracey Jones (who has over 25 years’ experience in her field) to anyone who is suffering from any kind of health problems. Whilst she might not be able to completely ‘cure’ you (and she never makes that claim) she will certainly make your life much easier for you to manage. Who knows what other things you might learn whilst you are in her capable hands?

Healing Hub

If you are interested in having short, taster sessions of Reflexology, Reiki Healing, Body Massage, Facials or various other therapies, why not pop along to Cannon Street in Accrington, on the first Sunday of every month, where there is a regular Healing Hub taking place, many therapists, including the lovely Tracey, gather under one roof, all offering taster sessions at an extremely reasonable price.

The atmosphere on these days is warm, relaxing and welcoming. All of the therapists are lovely, professional people and even if you come in feeling a bit down in the dumps, you will certainly go out with a smile on your face! If you are feeling out of sorts, or you have an illness that ‘normal medicine’ has not really been able to sort out, why not come along and give some of these therapies a try. I won’t say they will cure you of anything, although miracles have been known to happen! However, they will certainly make you feel much better, without any nasty side-effects.

The main reason Tracey has organised these monthly events is to raise funds for her ‘School of Healing Fund-raiser’. This fund has now become the charitable arm (aside from her own business) and seeks to provide concessionary treatments for those who lack their own means of finance.

At these events, there are often related ‘goodies’ for sale, and there is always good food, with plenty of chairs and tables offering space to sit, eat, drink and meet like-minded people as you wait for your own therapy session.

“I also have gift vouchers available for money off longer sessions,” says Tracey, “they make wonderful gifts for someone who might be in need of a more natural healing solution to chronic, long-standing dis-ease. Sometimes people feel they can’t justify spending the money on themselves. Again, this is a way to make natural healing therapies affordable to all. Or, simply use them as pamper sessions for yourself? It’s a real luxury after all. Time for yourself, to relax completely and be pampered, is in short supply these days. We should all practice self-love sometimes.”

Come along next time and experience it for yourself!

Author: Jill McDonald-Constable. M.A. (client of Tracey Jones of Naturcopia)

Tracey is also available for group talks, corporate massage events and presentations.

For more information contact Tracey direct on 07706 319 330 or email

Alternatively, look up School of Healing Page on Facebook, where you will find details of upcoming courses, development group topics alongside both student/client feedback testimonials.