My Journey in dealing with cancer and how I have changed my life with colour therapy.
I am sure there is no one that has not been touched by Cancer through family, friends or themselves.

My Journey with Cancer

The purpose of me writing is to introduce people to the holistic/complementary route working along side the conventional route.

I felt that it was time for me to share my Journey with other people as it might help in some way to know there is additional support out there for us all.

My name is Marilyn, I am 62 years old and back in August 2007 I had a diagnosis that changed my life completely.

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer…..

It was recommended by the consultant to have a lumpectomy and to take out some lymph nodes with a view to radiotherapy.

As you can imagine this was said to me almost in one sentence and to be told this news your mind immediately becomes a blur.

At the time I had my 17 year old son present with me and he was holding the hands of the MacMillan nurse with tears rolling down his face. I was in a daze; fearful and felt my life was coming to an end and just wanted to make it all ‘go away’.

Something inside me was telling me to take a deep breath and ‘Hold Fire’ in answering the consultant as I needed time to think.  My brain was a mish mash.

I discussed this with the Consultant and he agreed and gave me 3 weeks to come back to him with a decision as to whether I was to have the lumpectomy and radiotherapy.

Previously to my diagnosis … my mum in 2006 had a mastectomy and in 1997 my sister died at the age of 37 with colon cancer.  You can understand how fearful I was.

By the way, my mum who is now 85 years young is still going strong and so is my father who is now 86 years young.  We are made of strong ‘stuff’.

Now from the diagnosis this is where my life completely changed for the better…..

I came out of the hospital with my son Owen and said I wanted to look at alternative ways of dealing with my ‘DIS-EASE’.

Owen’s words were …


This gave me such a boost and I knew I could do it!!

The start of my journey began when I saw a Healer.

She hadn’t known anything about my diagnosis but after placing her hands on my shoulder she said she had felt a lump on my left breast and asked me if I had read the book :

THE JOURNEY …. by Brandon Bays

She advised I read this book before making any decisions in going through with the operation.

Brandon Bays was diagnosed in 1992 with a tumour the size of a rugby ball in her uterus.

Brandon went against the scientific treatment and decided to look at alternative ways of dealing with her ‘DIS-EASE’.

Brandon refused drugs and surgery, instead discovering a powerful direct path to the potent healing power of the soul.

This really intrigued me and I immediately purchased the book.

After reading it I found a ‘Journey Practitioner’ in my area named Marion Young.

Marion helped me on my Journey to awaken my own infinite potential and set myself free on processing work on myself.  A pioneering vision of an entirely new paradigm for healing, my Journey was a powerful, step-by-step means to find direct access to the soul, the infinite intelligence that is within us all.

There is a healing power that exists within every individual.

A little background of myself I worked in the film/tv industry as a Script Supervisor.  Working long hours and a single mum.  I also had been married to an alcoholic.

I allowed My life to take its toll on my health!!

Once I started my Journey I was looking at issues I hadn’t realised I had buried going back to my childhood and beyond.

I say beyond….because I believe we do inherit issues from our Ancestors which need to be cleared.

Dealing with my deepest darkest issues that manifested in anger which was causing the ‘DIS-EASE’ in my body wasn’t an easy route to take.  However, I wanted to ‘OWN’ my ‘DIS-EASE’ and not hand it over to the Consultant.

I am not discarding the conventional route as we all know has amazing results but in my instance I wanted to look at me and take charge of my body.


I went regularly to The Marsden hospital for check-ups and on 5th year they were amazed and said it was a ‘miracle’ what I had done.  The cancer had shrunk!!!

Owen was with me at the time and had the biggest SMILE you could imagine.  Both the Consultant and the Nurse were shocked and amazed!!

I am in the process of writing a book.

During this period of recovery I studied –

Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy is a natural therapy tool which uses colours to restore or promote energy balances within an individual.

It is a complementary therapy for which there is evidence dating back thousands of years to the ancient cultures of Egypt, China and India.

It is a totally holistic and non-invasive therapy and, really, colour should be a part of our everyday life, not just something we experience for an hour or two with a therapist.

The colours we interact with can impact us on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level.

The Seven Main Chakras of the Body :

The Chakras are energy centres in the body like cogs in a machine.  They all need to be running smoothly for the body to function properly.

Colour therapy uses the visible spectrum of light that surrounds us at all times. We need light in order to function and to remain healthy as our bodies use the colour energy to balance within. Colour therapy incorporates music, food you eat, clothes, interior decor, jewellery and colour tinctures.

In the seventeenth century, Sir Isaac Newton developed the colour wheel using visible colours of the spectrum. However, thousands of years ago the Egyptians used colour therapy for healing and the Hindu chakra rainbow colour therapy system evolved, associating a specific colour to each chakra or energy centre:

Root – red,

Sacral – orange,

Solar Plexus – yellow,

Heart – green,

Throat – blue,

Third Eye – indigo and

Crown – violet, creating an inner harmony.

Colour therapy also includes our auras or personal energy fields. These use colour energy to reflect the condition of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The majority of us have a predominant colour in our aura with other colours radiating out from the base and around the head. The colours in our aura continually change depending on internal and external influences. Whilst some people naturally see auras.

Colour  therapy is based around recognising the colour energy that we are drawn to and bringing it into our lives with the use of clothing, home decor, jewellery or food in order to balance the energy within. there are many things that you can do for yourself including a relaxing Colour Energy bath.

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