Chakra Healing – what causes our chakras to block or become weak?

Whenever we’re feeling out of sorts (mentally, physically or emotionally), how often do we consider whether it’s our chakras that are out of balance and need healing?

If these energy centres are blocked or weak, it can cause all sorts of negative consequences ranging from the simple things like being unable to concentrate and lack of sleep, to feeling low and depressed, to more serious things like physical and mental illness, negative thought forms and feeling completely disconnected and isolated.

Chakra healing can have profound effects on us because by unblocking and releasing the negative energy stored in our chakras, we bring peace and balance to ourselves by healing our mind, body and spirit.  Western medicine only focuses on the illness or the pain and very rarely seeks to find the root cause of what’s causing the problem.  If a physical ailment or condition is healed but the mind and spirit are ignored, it’s highly likely that further problems are going to be experienced.

We have seven major chakras that run up the body from the Base Chakra in the pelvic area, to the Crown Chakra at the top of the head.  If we experience blockages or weaknesses in the chakras, this negativity can sink down into other chakras so it’s really important to seek healing and bring our whole selves back into balance.

For many of us, there might always be a chakra that’s weaker or blocked and this is quite normal given the pressures we face in modern day life.  However, the more chakras that need attention, the greater need there is for healing.  It’s easy to find out if your chakras are blocked by considering what feelings you have or what illnesses are present.  No special tools are needed to do this and I’ve listed some examples below for you to consider;

Chakra Body Mind Spirit
Base Sciatica/Back pain

Rectal/Anal problems

Fertility problems



Distant from others

Feeling disconnected

Not grounded in the hear and now

Not existing mindfully

Sacral Sexual problems

Menstrual cycle issues


No confidence


No emotional control

Unable to Meditate easily

Restless and disturbed

Unable to flow with natural cycles

Solar Plexus Digestive problems

Eating disorders

Skin problems

Poor memory



No direction in life

Struggling with beliefs

Can’t put ideas into practise

Heart Asthma/Lung problems

Stress related illness

Colds and flu


Feeling drained

Can’t express feelings

Lack of empathy

Struggling with beliefs

Fear and stagnation

Throat Tonsilitus/Sore throat

Speech impediments

Ear infections

Loss of focus in life

Feeling nervous

Unable to relax

Detached from spiritual side

Unable to express beliefs

Questioning beliefs

Brow Headaches/Migraines

Mental illness


Negative thoughts

Unbalanced Mind

Uncontrolled thoughts

Not feeling inspiration

No clarity in life

Crown Depression

Nervous system

Spinal problems

Distured feelings



Not connected to universe

Once you can identify where your blockages lie, you’ve taken the first step towards bringing your whole self back into balance.  It’s important to accept why your chakras may be blocked and understand the reasons for any physical, mental and spiritual imbalances – after all, an understanding of the problem can give a greater boost to the healing methods used in chakra balancing.

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