What is Holistic animal healing and how does it work?

Hi, I have been asked to write a piece on how you (the animal/ pet owner) can use holistic healing alongside conventional medication from your veterinarian to heal your animal/pet.

I will start by saying that holistic healing is not a cure and your animal/pet must be seen by a veterinarian and should not be used instead of veterinary treatment, but alongside it. Your Vet should give consent before any treatment starts.

The Holistic Approach

Holistic healing is based on the concept that instead of treating the symptoms, which are a side effect of the illness, the whole body, mind and spirit are treated and healed, which in turn removes the symptoms.

Holistic healing allows the animal’s body to rebalance and increases the animal’s ability to use its natural energy resources and therefore fight the illness more easily. It can be used on a whole variety of emotional and physical states.

Forms of Holistic Healing

There are many forms of holistic healing and your vet may advise you which he feels will benefit your animal/pet. If they are unsure which approach would benefit your animal/pet, the holistic healer will work this out with the information they receive from the veterinarian about your animal/pet. This will include any blood results, medication that is being taken, what behaviour/pain the animal is exhibiting and will be able to answer any questions that need answering before the practitioner can decide a way forward.

Further information will be gained from you the owner, as no one knows your animal/pet better than you.

From my own experience veterinarians appear to be more open to the use of holistic healing and can usually give you information on where to go. Plus you might find that your veterinarian may already be working with a holistic healer and be happy to refer you to them.

Holistic Practitioners

Holistic practitioners may not cover all healing, some will specialise. I myself use energy hands on, nutritional therapy and crystal healing. There are many kinds of holistic healing that are used by a practitioner, some you may have heard of.

Below are a list of some that can be used to great effect on providing pain relief, reducing stress and anxiety, escalation of wound healing, improving immunity, supporting cancer treatments, improving negative behaviours and sense of well-being and palliative care.

  • Acupuncture
  • Herbal remedies
  • Aromatherapy (should be used with great care with cats)
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Massage
  • Chiropractic
  • Energy healing
  • Reiki
  • Crystals

Example: The holistic Approach to Allergies in Dogs

Holistic Therapy for AnimalsAllergies are a common ailment that owners take their dogs along to the vet for. The dog may be exhibiting scratching, chewing areas, having constant upset tummy, touch sensitive, sore eyes.

Nutritional therapy is the first therapy I would look to use after a discussion with the vet for this animal. Many people are unaware of the need to feed an animal the correct diet. The wrong diet can have a negative influence not just on the animal’s digestive system, but also on their skin, behaviour, their emotional well-being and physical state.

I hope this has been helpful in giving you a clearer understanding of how holistic animal healing works, please do not be afraid to ask your vet.

A good read on nutritional therapy is: Natural Healthcare for Pets by Richard Allport Nov 2001

About the Author

Author: Sharon Brooker AHCP

My name is Sharon Brooker, I have worked with training & grooming dogs for many years and became a qualified canine behaviour therapist in 2001. I newly qualified as a Holistic animal practitioner this year; however, I have been practising hands on healing and nutritional therapy for the last 20 years and now also use crystal therapy.

Having lost my job this year due to Covid 19, I decided to create a new business making Bespoke animal beds, cushion covers, doorstops and of course dog masks.

So Tilly Tuppence beds was born.

I continue to work from my home in Selkirk, Scottish Border in supporting animals and training their owners on what the animal needs as individual.

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