As a Complementary and Holistic practitioner I would whole heartedly recommend Matrix Re-imprinting! I have had fantastic results for both myself, friends, family and clients with this therapy, it is truly amazing!

Matrix Re-imprinting helps you look at past experiences and events and realise and accept how that shaped your thinking and beliefs about the world and yourself.  This understanding and acceptance enables you to transform your beliefs about yourself and the world and to change your perception.

There is a case study and a testimonial at the end of the article demonstrating how this can transform your life!

What can Matrix Re-Imprinting Help with?

Would You Like to Transform Yourself?

What would you change?

Whatever it is Matrix Re-imprinting can help!

What's going on with your subconcious and how it affects your life

Did you know……

  • Your subconscious runs 95-98% of your daily behaviour, activities and habits.
  • The majority of the beliefs that you have about yourself and the world were made in the first 7 years of your life.
  • The negative beliefs you make are based on trauma, misconceptions and observing those around you. These stick with you despite what you might recall consciously.
  • Negative feelings and emotions about yourself and the world, limit and sabotage your best efforts! These make you afraid, hold you back and stop you from fulfilling your full potential; these are being reinforced repeatedly in your subconscious.
  • For each negative perception you hold, the subconscious is stuck in fight, flight or freeze.
  • Continuing stress on your body fueled by your subconscious, will eventually result in: physical, psychological illness or disease.

What will happen in a Matrix Re-Imprinting session?

  • The practitioner will help you tune into the physical or emotional pain that you are experiencing when you think about a specific issue.
  • The practitioner will then guide you taking you back to when you experienced those emotions or feelings at an earlier time.
  • The practitioner will then work with you to resolve and re-frame the lessons and beliefs you took away from that event.
  • You do NOT re-live the event – you remain detached and are not re-traumatised.
  • You do not even need to explain everything to the practitioner.

How many session would I need?

Matrix Re-imprinting is very effective and usually works quickly; most clients would notice a significant improvement within 5 sessions, usually sooner.

It speaks for iteslf.......

Below is a case study: Anxiety and Panic attacks

I had a client who before using Matrix Re-imprinting suffered crippling depression, anxiety and panic attacks. At this point she was unable to leave the house. After working with her for just a few sessions she saw a remarkable improvement to her quality of life.

Testimonial by Sharon L-T

Before: I have suffered with Anxiety and Depression for a number of years.  This also caused me to have panic attacks which made it increasingly difficult for me to leave the house or to do normal daily activities.

The Treatment: I was introduced to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and worked with Christine who used  Matrix Re-imprinting, with me. EFT was great to use myself once I learned the technique, to manage my anxiety. I would use it every time I felt anxious or panicky and found that it really had a profound effect to help me stop my panic becoming a full blown panic attack. Christine worked with me to resolve underlying issues using Matrix Re-imprinting, resolving these has changed my life.

After: I am now able to lead a normal life,  I am employed and have no problems leaving the house.  I got my life back! I no longer have panic attacks!  I continue to work with Christine to resolve other issues in my life.

Testimonial from another client

Feeling Anxious

Today, I met up with Christine Michele Murray and she did some matrix work with me. I went back to a time when I was three and feeling really anxious about something. I have thought about this particular anxious time a lot especially recently. Today with her help I managed to get rid of this anxiety and have completely re-framed the image that I had. We also looked ahead in time to me in a few years, the “confident” me was found and I felt so much better about myself once we had done this. I felt brighter and that something had been lifted away from me! Still feeling really good now too, so thank you Chris, you have helped me a lot today.x  AH

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Matrix Re-Imprinting

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