Personal Journeys

Personal yoga journeys by our guest authors

Here are some uplifting personal journeys our guest authors have shared with us. You may find inspiration from them to help you on your yoga journey.

My favourite articles is that written by Karen which details her journey which started back in the 1970’s when practising yoga was “radical”. My Yoga Adventure so far…

Different types of yoga resonate with different people. Gabriella Ozi found that she needed to slow down and feel her yoga practise to benefit from her classes. In The Awakening of the Feeling Body you can learn how she came to understand this and how she incorporated this knowledge into her own yoga classes after she qualified as a Yoga teacher.

Kevin Mitchell went from excessively working out to discovering yoga and slowing right down before deciding to train as a yoga teacher.

Shams Abu-Tayeh had a terrible time with injuries when she started training more seriously and was advised by her Physio to attend yoga classes. After initially finding the poses, pace and stillness a challenge she began to see and feel the benefits. She believes If I can do it, anyone can, she means you!

Is Yoga For Me

Curious about yoga but unsure where to begin?

Our guide offers a step by step guide to answer your questions

Everyone seems to be doing yoga these days, there’s Hilaria Baldwin contorting herself into all sorts of shapes in glamorous places and Gisele Bundchen striking a pose. There are also millions of ordinary men and women around the globe learning the art of yoga and incorporating elements of its moral code into their lives.

In this article I hope to show you how Yoga can benefit you, explain the different yoga types, help you identify which one might suit you, provide you with information about online yoga videos and how you can locate your nearest yoga class.

Lifestyle Medicine

My first ever memories of Yoga was a book my mum showed me back in the early 90's. I remember it had a lady on the front in a blue leotard and I thought the yoga was a way of getting fit. I was around 11 and it’s an important time for a young girl Read More

Yoga for Trauma Release

As a yoga teacher, I look at the beautiful people I work with, generally those searching for health, emotional release and an increased sense of wellbeing, and I tend to notice where they’ve stored their hurts. I think perhaps because I have so many of my own. It’s in the way a person stands or Read More


I graduated from yoga teacher training at Sampoorna, Goa in May 2018. I had spent the month immersed in the daily practices of yoga and philosophy lessons. We were asked to set an intention at the opening and closing ceremonies with the tying of red cords to our wrist. I set both of my intentions Read More

I didn’t know how much I needed Yoga until I discovered it…

I guess anyone with a regular Yoga practice will tell you the same thing. My journey to becoming a Yoga Teacher began, quite simply with a knee injury. I had been using running up until that point as my go to therapy if I was feeling a little overwhelmed or stressed out. I would pop Read More

Why Yoga? Why Shiatsu? Why one on one? A Personal Journey

Where do we turn? When searching for those feel good factors or life changing experience but we are physically challenged, mentally tired and confused, or distrusting of the different strange claims that are promising the miracle answers we are looking for, to where do we turn? The internet is a sea of information; gurus are Read More

My Yoga Adventure so far…

Karen has kindly shared her journey to finding peace and clarity with yoga and where this led her. I started when I was in my late teens (I’m now in my late fifties) by keeping my Mum company at evening classes.  It was very “radical” back in the 70’s as was vegetarianism. I dabbled a Read More

Am I Good Enough?

According to Carl Rogers the founder of person centred psychotherapy “As no one else can know how we perceive, we are the best experts on ourselves”. Initially I struggled with this concept thinking “how can this be true, I’ve listened to specialists throughout my life and they have never encouraged me to think of myself Read More

The Awakening of the Feeling Body

My integrated practice of “The Dance of Yoga” was born through the process of a natural evolution. My varied and colourful experiences through yoga, dance and energy healing started to teach me and guide me how to deeply listen within. I was so amazed and enthusiastic about the teaching that i heard through my inner Read More

My Yoga Story by Kevin Mitchell

I was brought up in with an Evangelical Church background and always struggled with the idea that, as an individual, I was worth nothing, and owed anything I was able to do to someone other than myself. I had been teaching for about 10 years and was working in, what was then classed as, a Read More

If I can do it, anyone can

More often than not, when I meet someone new and mention that I teach yoga, people say ‘Oh, I can’t do yoga, I’m not flexible’. I generally say, ‘Well, you’re talking to someone who couldn’t reach past her knees since the age of 12. If I can do it, anyone can’. That’s the short version, the long version Read More

Visit to the Hermogenes Institute in Rio de Janeiro

Sandra Pereira’s Recent Visit to the Hermogenes Institute in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil (August 2014) Prof. Jose’ Hermogenes, is considered to be one of the greatest masters of the Brazilian Modern Hatha Yoga and one of the first practitioners of Holistic Medicine in Brazil.  He founded the Hermogenes Institute in Rio de Janeiro, RJ Read More