Ever wondered why you always go for the same type of person? Or why you are struggling to quit smoking or give up other unhealthy habits or addictions? The answer may be that, as much as you are trying to overcome your limiting beliefs and use reason and logic when negotiating with your mind, it just does not work. Why using reasonable arguments to convince yourself that flying or spiders are not that scary leads you nowhere? It is probably because your subconscious is still holding on to the root cause of your issues. Often trying to find solutions using just your conscious mind is not enough.

That was also my experience. After a particularly tough year of work stress and relatives’ illnesses, I started suffering with insomnia. I had tried literally everything but only when I came across hypnotherapy, I started to understand where my issues came from which in turn helped me to restore a healthy sleep pattern.

RegressionThe ‘secret weapon’ of hypnotherapy is regression, one benefit of which is a clearer understanding of own issues. It enables the person being hypnotised to go back to some extremely significant memories or scenes from their lives that are the root cause of their issues. Unlike other forms of therapy, this for most of the people happens easily and automatically as our brilliant minds know when exactly we acquired a problem, an issue, or an addiction. The great advantage of regression is the fact that it is quick as it doesn’t require weeks or months of therapy of looking for the cause of problems, it normally happens in the very first session. It’s possible as hypnosis enables the mind to travel more easily across the dimension of time. For many, this insight into their own problems and understanding the root cause is very healing. And when you heal the unconscious, you can heal your life. All of which shows that regression is an enormously powerful psychological tool. It helps to link past events, with the negative feelings that we may have in our daily lives.

As a therapist, coach, and hypnotherapist, I’m often amazed by what emerges from the subconscious mind of my clients. But most importantly, they’re themselves amazed how with my help and guidance, they’re able to uncover the hidden thoughts and conflicts and using that awareness, they can heal their suffering and lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

About the Author

Author: Kasia Niedzwiedzka Landera

I’m a therapist, coach and an RTT hypnotherapist specializing in helping people with their low self-esteem, confidence, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and other issues like addictions. As an educator, I also work with people who would like to improve their memory and concentration and become better at learning and achieving their goals.

You can contact me on: www.KNLtherapy.webnode.com