What does it mean to self heal? How does one go about it?Equinox Healing

Whether you want to heal yourself or others it basically involves the same process, one of intention and feeling. At the end of this article there will be a simple exercise to show you how to interact with healing energies.

Healing is about getting yourself out of the way because essentially you are not the healer. You are the receiver of healing frequencies, interacting with these energies by reconnecting and tuning into, what Reiki practitioners would call universal life force energy or universal healing energy.

It is an interaction with an intelligence that goes far beyond human comprehension. This source energy or life force is one of light and information. Our only play in this universal role is to be an open channel to allow these healing frequencies to interact with ourselves and others with an inner knowing that this intelligent source will know where healing is needed beyond our human preconception, judgements and beliefs.

When it comes to healing think in terms of, less is more, by way of your own actions, in fact the simpler the better. You’re not here to diagnose yourself or others, to want a certain outcome or response to happen. Remember these healing frequencies originate from a far more intelligent source than our human egos can even dream of.

I have had illnesses and injuries in the past where I tried to control and manipulate a desired outcome from my limited human perspective. When what was really needed was for me to get out of the way, connect with the source and allow the healing to happen in its own way.

It is this intention that is important, to know that once you connect you will receive healing but this is so often hard to accept because we may not see the desired results that one may expect.

A lot of people have the expectation of having a physical healing when they interact with source energy but what most people tend to forget is that we are multilayered dimensional beings and on a deeper level we are connected to the source on a soul level.

There is so much more to us than just a physical human body. Often disease begins on an energy body level, for instance in the etheric, emotional, or mental. So it makes sense this is where you will initially receive a healing. This is sometimes hard to accept because unless you are sensitive to energies or spiritually aware, which we all can be, you can feel disappointed after a healing session.

Many people I have interacted with as a healing channel have had instantaneous healings but also there is the phenomenon that a physical healing happens a few days, weeks or even months after the healing session.

This is because the healing you received was on a non physical level and the source energy went straight to where the disease had started. So, once the reconnection has been made this is why it sometimes takes time for the healing to work its way through the different energy bodies removing blockages that have led to physical disease.

Even so, we all have a different path to travel and what healing is needed for one person will not be the same for another which can sometimes mean that a physical healing will not occur.

With this understanding there is no blame, no guilt, no right or wrong. We are always given by the source the healing that we need. My most recent personal experience of this was a few months ago.   Having suffered with pain and inflammation in my left foot since a break 2 years previously I was finally referred to an orthopaedic surgeon who found it hadn’t fully healed that my only option was surgery.  While I was on the waiting list for the surgery I practiced self healing and by interacting with healing frequencies over a period of several months, my foot healed itself without any outside intervention.  I went for my consultation at the hospital when I was supposed to be given a date for surgery to be told I no longer needed it.

On the other hand I still take medication for Gout, so I’m not implying that you should not seek medical advice or stop any treatment you are receiving but work with the healing energies alongside the medical profession and see what happens. On the plus side, the universal healing energies always leave you feeling calm, relaxed and stress free.

So why is this? Why will one thing heal and not another, I simply don’t know. In another person it could be the other way around and they may have needed an operation but have been cured of Gout. All I know is that right now, in the present moment, this is where I am and there are lessons for me to grow as a soul and learn from.

I don’t judge the condition, I don’t say this shouldn’t be happening to me or keep reaffirming to others that I have an illness. I simply accept this is where I am at the moment. Then when I interact with source energy I just hold the intention and just know, in my heart, a healing has taken place on one level or another.

Will the Gout heal in the future? Well, I don’t even attach myself to the outcome as the future isn’t now. If it does heal, then great, if doesn’t then that’s fine also. By surrendering and coming to a place of acceptance of what is, not only will this bring freedom to your heart, mind and spirit but you may find by living from this way of being, a healing will naturally occur.

So how do you interact with healing energies? I want you to start simple and keep it simple. No technique is needed, you are already connected to this universal healing energy. The clue is in the name, universal, it’s available for all. To start, make yourself comfortable and for a few moments I would like you to relax the best way you can. If it helps to put on some gentle music then please do so. Now have the intention that you are about to interact with universal healing energy but don’t have a desired outcome, simply know that you will accept whatever arises and if nothing does arise then this is fine also.

When you are ready, close your eyes and start to take some nice, slow, deep breaths. In time, let your breath fall into its natural breathing rhythm. When you feel ready, I want you to bring your attention to your hands. Just be aware of how they feel. Just stay here until you start to feel a sensation, it could be that you start to feel your hands becoming warmer, colder or maybe there is a slight tingling sensation. These are all fine. You may not feel anything on your first attempt but keep trying. If this is the first time you have ever made an effort to become aware of your own energy your sensitivity can be a little like a car engine that hasn’t been used in a while, it may take a few attempts before the engine is running.

As you become more aware of the sensations in your hands you may find it begins to spread to other parts of your body quite naturally. If you only feel sensations for now in your hands this is fine, you may want to place your awareness next in your arms, head or legs and just become aware of the sensations that begin to arise in those parts of your body.

Eventually, you will be able to have an awareness of your whole body without any of the steps described above. The more you give attention to your energy body, over time the more alive it becomes. Then the more connected you become to universal healing energies and the more you place your awareness other than on your thoughts, that’s when healings generally can occur. That’s it, that’s self healing. Simple yes, it truly is. Just have patience and let go of any expectations of what should and shouldn’t be happening and start to enjoy these new feelings and sensations knowing that on one level you are receiving a healing. It’s certainly important to always allow the healing energies to just be, when you try to do healing you will find that the sensations will not be as strong or will simply disappear. If you find that this happens, simply relax once more and bring your awareness back to your hands. Wait for a sensation to arise and just become a witness to whatever happens or doesn’t happen next. In time the feelings and sensations should encompass your body as a whole.

There are many exercises for self healing, this is just one example and what works for one person may not work as well for another. Sometimes a person finds it hard to let go of outcomes and expectations and you may find that these exercises do not really help. If this is the case I would always suggest finding a Reiki healer or someone from a similar healing discipline who will be able to be a receiver of these healing energies for you.

The next step would be to start to interact and play with the energies which will then lead you onto the natural progression to healing others. But first, work with the self. Learn what these energies feel like within you and how they move through your body. For this is the beginning of your natural healing journey, just remember, get yourself out of the way.

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