By Dean Kingett, Reiki Grand Master & Teacher

spiritual hartI have been working with the spirit world for a number of years, and I created Spiritualhart in order to spread spirits word further through demonstrations and teaching psychic development circles and workshops.  I became interested in the spirit world when I was 12 years old and I started my work with spirit at 15 years old when I became a member of a spiritualist church in Hull, East Yorkshire, where I attended services.  As much as I enjoyed my time there I was told by my spirit guide that it was time to leave.  Apparently there was far more work ahead for me that needed to be done, and far more people to be reached than the spiritual church could or would allow with its religious and restricting views.

A little shocked at this I heeded the spirit’s advice and left the temple on good terms to pursue this new path.  As a healer first and foremost I set up a small sanctuary in the back room of my house and sure enough spirit guided people to me.  So much so that in 2008, my wife Susan and I decided to build our own home with a healing and teaching sanctuary next door.  This was due to the amount of healing work I was now doing, and also my spirit guides wanted me to start teaching it to others too.  The work I do has spread vastly with the power of the internet and my website has been translated into many different languages which has been good to see.  It is a great achievement to have reached the goals set by spirit and I continue to push myself in my work daily, because there is always something new to do, try or learn with my spirit guides.

So what is an attunement?  

Attunements are the process by which a person, usually a master, passes on the ability to channel a specific energy through their body, mostly for healing themselves or another.  One of the most popular attunements that people may have heard of is Reiki.  Any attunement process involves the clearing of any blocks to energy in your aura and connects you to run the attunement energy by means of a direct transmission to your energy body.

As one progresses with attunements and becomes a stronger channel for energy, there can be noticeable differences in the perception of effects and sensations of both the healer and the patient.  Anyone can be attuned to healing energies, and in order to personally connect and use healing energy, they must receive an attunement to it.  The person should have a sincere desire to help themselves and a willingness to practice healing for the benefit of all.

Many people can feel the attunement as either a warm or cold energy flowing in and around their body. They may also see different colours or images and even hear music whilst being attuned.  Many people have no such experience at all other than perhaps feeling more relaxed or energised throughout it and after it.  Once attuned though the fun begins, as you can then heal yourself and others physically, mentally and emotionally.

When you start working with an attunement energy you may feel it as possible heat sensations or vibrations in your hands, but sometimes it can be cold, it all depends on what you or the patient needs at that time.  The attunement energy works with you and will guide you as you heal, and if perceptive you may pick up different messages, sensations and feelings intuitively.  Sometimes when working you may feel pains within your own body as you pick up on the illness of the patient you are healing.  This can be a very sensory experience and may feel like a throbbing or an ache, yet it will not really bother you.  When the pain has stopped you will know you have helped to promote healing to that area.

Sometimes you may also feel your hands being magnetically pulled, as if you cannot move away.  This is the attunement energy telling you that the affected area needs more time, so simply go with it until the pulling has stopped if this occurs.    Attunement energies can aid in the healing of every known illness and injury there is.  People are also using attunement energies to assist creativity and meditation to help wake up or to get to sleep.  Many attunements are to the energy of various Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Animal totems, and I have created many of those myself to help people.

Prehistoric Attunement

However, it did come as a bit of a surprise to me when my spirit guides told me they wanted me to create some prehistoric attunements with various dinosaurs.  I thought I’d misheard or that I was losing my Prehistoric attunementpsychic ability at the announcement of this, but they reassured me they were serious.  I questioned this obviously, as much as I had an interest in prehistoric life dinosaurs were not cute and cuddly.  Yes there were the more docile plant eaters, but the carnivores were ferocious, powerful and very scary looking.

This is when the penny dropped  as they say, powerful was the word my spirit guides let hit home with me.  These dinosaurs they told me were only animals, just like we have on the planet today.  They may have been a lot bigger back then, but they did the same things that our animals do now, eat to survive.  They told me if we have animal attunements now to Lions, Tigers and Bears and so on, that are ferocious, what’s the difference.  Energy is energy and to use a Tigers energy for instance is not going to cause you harm, that’s impossible, as the spirit animals only come through to help and heal us.

Dinosaur energies would do exactly the same, they were millions of years old, but the attunement energy I could create with them would be very powerful.  They also told me that to create these Dinosaur attunements would help to open people’s eyes more.  Our spirit guides, Angels, Archangels etc love working with us, but there is so much more at our disposal if we open our eyes and minds.  I knew exactly what they meant, as years ago in my early learning I didn’t think there was anything beyond spirit and Angels like a lot of people.  I know how naïve I was all those years ago though, and I see it with many people today that still are, so with that in mind I created the Dinosaur attunements for people to enjoy and work with.

Successful Attunement

I have many knowledgeable friends around the world that know much about the spirit world and a lot more, so I asked Brenda Hanlon, a Reiki Grand Master to try one of my new attunements.  Her email to me after she had taken it telling of her experience put a huge smile on my face and she even did me the courtesy of writing a short testimony for me to put on my website. Coming from a fellow Reiki Grand Master and a member of the International Light Workers Association I was and still am very humbled by her kind words.


“This morning I called in the Abaia attunement you so kindly sent me. I can honestly say I have never felt anything like it before, it was amazing!
The only way I can describe it is that although I knew my body was here, I was not in it. It was as if I had become an energy of my own, above and beyond physical realms.
I loved it, it was a feeling of complete freedom and knowledge, just awesome.”
Brenda, Reiki Grand Master, Wollongong, Australia

So, the attunement was a success and so have the many others I have created since, all which can be found on my website as well as all the other things that I do.  You don’t have to have a knowledge of the spirit world, Angels, Dinosaurs or anything else to work with them, it’s just energy, an energy science now proves is everything and is everywhere.

I have attuned beauticians, hairdressers, massage therapists and many more, to many different attunements through the years who have no idea about energy or the spirit world.  They know the attunements enhance their work though and they help themselves and their patients and clients to relax and heal, mentally, emotionally and physically.

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