Teaching Yoga

Becoming a yoga teacher

For some people practising yoga the next step in their journey is to become a yoga teacher.

Is Yoga For Me

Curious about yoga but unsure where to begin?

Our guide offers a step by step guide to answer your questions

Everyone seems to be doing yoga these days, there’s Hilaria Baldwin contorting herself into all sorts of shapes in glamorous places and Gisele Bundchen striking a pose. There are also millions of ordinary men and women around the globe learning the art of yoga and incorporating elements of its moral code into their lives.

In this article I hope to show you how Yoga can benefit you, explain the different yoga types, help you identify which one might suit you, provide you with information about online yoga videos and how you can locate your nearest yoga class.

Rishikesh Yogis

Yoga as an Art of Living Life with health and mental peace has been popularized by various Indian Yogic Gurus abroad. The awareness that Yoga not only brings forth physical fitness and makes the body energetic enough to fight  various health-care problems, but also helps in the pursuit of happiness through the combination of the Read More

World Capital of Yoga opens up for your getting Mastery on Yoga Teaching!

India is unquestionably the leading nation in spirituality. World is looking up with awe, the contribution of eminent Indian Yogic Gurus in educating and imparting knowledge for world population, to conquer their miseries through spirituality. Here comes an excellent opportunity for you also, to take part in the “Revolution of Peace through Yoga Culture” and Read More

Learn Yoga Teacher Training From India’s Best School and Derive Maximum Advantages!

Yoga – the globally recognized Indian art of uniting mind and body activities, to attain eternal peace of mind and best of best healthcare, beckons you. Here is an excellent opportunity for global students to learn, practice, enjoy and attain mastery in the art of Yoga from the Internationally Recognized Yoga School – Rishikesh Yogis Read More

Yoga Teacher Training Course – Not Just For Teachers

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably not new to Yoga. Many of us have already realized the benefits of practicing Yoga on a regular basis. It’s good for our bodies and it’s good for our minds. However, many people think that a Yoga Teacher Training program is only for those who want to teach Read More