Using the Chakras to Free Your Personal Power

Today most people with an interest in complementary healing or personal development, especially if they also have an interest in Eastern spirituality, Yoga or the martial arts, are aware of the chakra system. The chakras are the energy centres within our subtle body, the principal seven aligning approximately with the spinal column. These centres take in, process, and distribute throughout our system vital life energy (also known as prana, ki or chi) without which we couldn’t live any more than we could without air, water or food.

The Chakra System
The Chakra System: structure and location in the body

Similarly most people know we are surrounded by and contained within an egg-shaped electro-magnetic vibratory field known as the Aura, which protects us, energises us, affects and reflects our well-being on every level.

We ARE our chakras


Perhaps less well-known is that each of our seven principal chakras is directly connected with a layer of our aura, and each auric layer is created by its corresponding chakra’s vibratory energy.

Maybe you also didn’t know the chakras are not only energy processing centres but information centres – data centres, receiving and processing information from our experiences and the world around us from the moment we’re born.

When we absorb prana it’s conditioned and assimilated in line with the information already held within our chakras. Then it’s distributed through our system accordingly, so we retain the same energy patterns, belief systems and identity.

As you know, what we deep down believe is what we get. Similarly, what we project from our aura is what we receive back from the Universe. We are electro-magnetic energy (our physical body is just the densest form) and we resonate with and attract energy of a similar type to what we’re giving out. This is the foundation of the Law of Attraction, but also a basic law of physics.

So what happens when our chakras have been imprinted with toxic information harmful to us, to our well-being, goals and success in life?

Why would that happen?

Root chakra
The root chakra is the
foundation of our being

At our young age when our lowest chakras are forming, we don’t yet have a developed conscious mind and reasoning system. Like sponges we are vulnerable and receptive to everything we see, hear and sense around us, to all we experience from the outside world, which enters unfiltered into our subconscious mind, our nervous system and our energy system.

For example, the first chakra, the foundation of our whole system and personal identity, is concerned with our safety and security, our most basic survival needs, and our sense of belonging. If we could develop in line with the natural order of things, then imprinted on this chakra would be feelings of safety, being grounded, solid, loved and secure, wanted and valued for who we are in the body we are in; feelings that the world and the universe are positive and healthy places for us; and of confidence, that our most fundamental needs will be met.

But if there was trauma surrounding our birth; if we were born into conditions of lack, emotional or financial problems, if our parents were under stress, or not able to be fully there for us physically; if we sensed hostility to our having been born; then our base chakra will have been imprinted with corresponding information:

  • I am not safe here
  • I am not really wanted
  • I am not valuable
  • My body is not OK
  • I can’t expect my needs to be met
  • My being born was a mistake
  • I am in the wrong place/time/body

Above all, with a sense of being ‘not OK’ at a very deep, physical, visceral level that will be very hard to shift later on.

How does this affect other areas of life?

The chakras are stacked on top of each other, like storeys in a block of flats, or CDs in a rack. Energy flows into us from the root chakra upwards, and each chakra draws energy from the one below it.

In the natural order of things, feeling safe, secure and grounded in our body,  as our second chakra opened we would feel free to open with it to life – to joy, pleasure, sensation, feeling, excitement, passion, to our personal power, and to receiving and having our needs met by the universe.

But if our first chakra is telling us the world is not safe, then we daren’t risk having our full range of feelings. We can’t risk feeling passionate, joyful and free, or take the chance of exploring our power. We don’t dare be vulnerable. We know our needs won’t be met, so our little body and energy system react accordingly. And as we continue through life, the energy we put out is the energy we get back, and that reinforces the toxic beliefs we already hold.

According to Carolyn Myss, one of the world’s leading chakra experts, 99% of people have such problems (what I call ‘toxic imprints’) wired into their first and second chakras. These may take the form of health, emotional, relationship or financial issues, or just about anything else.

The Higher Chakras

Live life - ChakrasBecause the chakras are so inter-dependent, as our higher chakras open we will experience more blocks and have more problems come up, because our vital energy won’t be flowing freely. Rhys Thomas, Founder of the renowned Rhys Thomas Energy Medicine School in Boston, compared it to holding down a guitar string with one finger so the note vibrates off-key instead of the way it’s meant to.

So often chakra work neglects the lower chakras while concentrating on the upper ones, focusing on beautiful meditations, spiritual affirmations and prayer. This can be incredibly uplifting, and certainly every chakra is vital. It’s in the balanced functioning of the chakras that we reach our full potential.

But unless we do the healing work on our lower chakras, we can often remain stuck in our head. We have blissful experiences, but when we return to our physical lives we still have financial problems, we are still stuck in a job that doesn’t reward us or a relationship that doesn’t nourish us, we are still unable to break unwanted habits, or feel the passion, joy and enthusiasm for our life in the world that is our birthright.

It’s our lower chakras that fire us up with passion for our goals, with courage and confidence to design the life we want and go for it, with charisma to make an impact on other people and be SEEN, with personal power to stop playing small and live to the full, to fully feel our joy in and love of life.

It’s precisely these areas where the ‘talking’ therapies and even methods like regular Life Coaching often struggle to make much impact, and here’s the reason – our resistance was hard-wired into our nervous system before we had words to use to make sense of what was happening.

Transformation - chakrasBut the great thing is – the chakra system provides us with a fantastic route map to the inner self! Once we know where the blocks are, we can go straight for them. Then the powerful tools and techniques of leading-edge systems like energy psychology, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), hypnosis, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and quantum dynamics can clear them quickly and easily and transform your life to get the very results you want, much more quickly than you would imagine possible!

Several years ago I suffered a major double bereavement which led me to a nervous breakdown. I was offered anti-depressants and counselling so I could function. I refused, since I wanted to do a great deal more with the rest of my life than just ‘function’! But nothing worked for me to restore my energy, joy, passion for living, enthusiasm, empowerment and sheer love of life, until I discovered and started working on myself with the techniques I now share with my clients in my coaching programmes.

About the Author

Jaye Mason - Ignite your magicI’m Jaye Mason, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist (DHP Acc. Hyp), EFT Practitioner, Aura and Chakra Healer and Reiki Master.  I’m the founder of Love Self-Improvement, at, offering NLP Coaching, Hypnotherapy, EFT sessions and training and Empowerment through the Chakras, face-to-face, by phone and Skype.

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