What is Dowsing?

Most people connect dowsing to finding water, and think that is its sole purpose.

Dowsing is used for finding water but dowsing is a very ancient and intuitive method of finding absolutely anything that is either lost or cannot be seen.

For example etheric energy, natural electromagnetic currents (called telluric currents), auras, chakras, allergies, food intolerances, underground water, finding lost items such as bodies, people, pets, buildings, wedding rings, car keys etc.

Dowsers worked with archaeologists before geophysics was invented, they pick up the same magnetic signatures with rods. Dowsing has been used for millennia in societies right across the world, for all sorts of divination and healing.

So when explaining dowsing, a brief history is a good place to start.

History of Dowsing

Dowsing has been around for millennia.

Nobody is sure who first dowsed. It is highly probable that early hunter-gatherers used dowsing, without any equipment, to follow migrating herds. Scientific research on migrating creatures shows that the sun is used to find direction in the day time, but on cloudy days or at night, the iron in the blood (haemoglobin) and tiny particles called magnetite, which can be found in the brain and other organs, react to Earth’s electro-magnetic (telluric) currents, and are used  for guidance at night.

Humans have iron and magnetite too, so it is highly likely that early man used these in the same way as other animals. The ultimate dowsing experience is to intuitively dowse without any rod or pendulum!

So it would seem that for humanity it’s a case of ‘use it or lose it!’ We now need some sort of ‘aerial’ to amplify the body’s reaction.

Whether you believe we were taught by ‘builder gods’, a la Graeme Hancock et al, or that aliens once visited. It can be proven today at ancient sites that knowledge of both healing and harmful earth energies and sacred geometry was used in their construction.

Without exception, every sacred site across the world has a sacred spring at its heart! (Sacred springs have specific dowsing features, not every spring fulfills this category.) Ancient sites manipulate, divert and direct earth currents for healing purposes.

The ancient Chinese called earth energies Dragon Lines, and only the emperor, and/or temples could be sited above specific nodes (energy crossing points). The ancient Chinese manipulated currents for the health of the people and the land.

Ancient Meso-American tribes named these same energies feathered serpents, (Quetzalcoatl) and the Australian aborigines called them rainbow serpents.

The word for dragon and serpent are both derived from the same Greek word, Draco. Which takes us into astronomy, as the constellation of Draco is right near Ursa Major and ancient sites also marked star constellations, equinoxes and solstices.

Dowsing was used in the 16th century in Germany for finding precious ores. German dowsers came to Cornwall to dowse for tin and copper.

Bringing us right up to date, dowsing is used in conjunction with crop circles (real ones not fakes).  Circles draw on the Earth’s telluric energies, and always manifest near ancient sites world-wide.

A Weird Mix

Dowsing is a mix of right and left brain. You use your left brain to process the information from your dowsing rod and surroundings, but because you are dowsing for an unseen target, you are using your right brain too.

My business is teaching dowsing, and my own experience is that intuitives are more difficult to teach than people totally new to dowsing. I have however developed methods to overcome this, which enables even intuitive beginners to get started. Ultimately intuitives fare better since the final goal is to dowse without instruments!

In the 1990’s several dowsers had their brains wired into electroencephalographs (ECG). The results showed that dowsing uses Beta (waking state, information processing), Alpha (reflective, contemplating, restful, ~ the dowsing mental state), and Theta waves (dreaming sleep) simultaneously. Dowsing connects both left and right brain hemispheres simultaneously.

F.Y. I.  Zen mediation uses Beta, Alpha and Theta waves. Transcendental meditation uses Alpha and Theta waves. So dowsing produces the same effects as Zen meditation.

Even at the beginning stage I will encourage students to get the ‘feel’ of an energy because each energy feels different. I encourage the use of a ‘tell’. Mine is my left big toe, because I am left handed and hold my rod in my left hand. When this tingles, I know I have found the exact spot I am looking for.

Healing Your Home

Many holistic therapies heal stress, and therapists often give counselling on avoiding stress. But there are 2 sources of stress often overlooked: Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF).

A brief explanation follows, but I have a blog on my website with a detailed explanation. It has full citations and links to the very real science behind Geopathic stress and EMFs. Even the U.K. government has EMF advice on its website! So do look on my website to find out more!

In Brief: The Earth has natural electrical fields, it is part of her eco-system. Some of the electrical fields are created by rocks and the magnetic North Pole, but most are caused and created by an interaction between the Earth, the Sun and the Ionosphere. This creates a grid of regularly spaced currents stretching like a net right over the globe. In addition water, when it travels through rocks, creates magnetic anomalies and vortexes.

Some currents are beneficial to health, so we don’t worry about them, others are not. Some crossing points of this global net can create Geopathic stress. Geopathic stress creates much the same symptoms as other forms of stress, and can create the same long term health effects if ignored.

If you google geopathic stress you will get pages of geopathic stress consultants and electronic gizmos to ‘cure’ the stress. In actual fact it is not nearly as scary as it’s made out, the areas are quite small, and the remedies are simple, inexpensive and straightforward. I hate it when people sell using fear!

I offer an accredited weekend workshop to teach people how to detect and deal with geopathic stress and electromagnetic fields in homes and workplaces. You could accredit and set up as a stress consultant yourself!

Electromagnetic fields are created by modern technology and are also detrimental to your health. See the government advice here.

About the Author

I am Judith Lock and I live on the beautiful Isle of Wight. I offer accredited workshops and courses on a variety of Mind, body and spirit topics including dowsing.
I am a semi-retired teacher and have lived an alternative lifestyle for a number of years. Apart from my interest in dowsing, I grow much of my own organic veg, I make wine (from the organic fruit and veg!), I make a variety of lotions, potions and fruit and flower remedies, I have read tarot for over 35 years and I am active in the very large Island alternative community. So why not book a holiday to the Isle of Dragons, it is a mystical place which you’ll love.

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