Yoga Retreats

A yoga Retreat can advance your yoga practise

Yoga retreats can take place all over the globe.

Is Yoga For Me

Curious about yoga but unsure where to begin?

Our guide offers a step by step guide to answer your questions

Everyone seems to be doing yoga these days, there’s Hilaria Baldwin contorting herself into all sorts of shapes in glamorous places and Gisele Bundchen striking a pose. There are also millions of ordinary men and women around the globe learning the art of yoga and incorporating elements of its moral code into their lives.

In this article I hope to show you how Yoga can benefit you, explain the different yoga types, help you identify which one might suit you, provide you with information about online yoga videos and how you can locate your nearest yoga class.

The Road Junky Sahara Meditation Retreat

Join 25 others to spend a week in the timeless Sahara Desert! We’ve been running mediation and yoga retreats in the Sahara Desert in Morocco since 2011 and it just keeps getting better and better. It’s such a pleasure for us to host these events where we watch everyone find their true colours and connect Read More

Travel & Yoga Retreat: connecting with people, nature, and yourself

If you’ve never gone on a retreat but have travelled many times, why not make your next trip a yoga retreat? That’s hitting two birds with one stone, actually. You get the opportunity to see another place and gain a transformative experience to boot. If you have no idea what yoga is all about, then Read More

Yoga Teacher Training Course – Not Just For Teachers

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably not new to Yoga. Many of us have already realized the benefits of practicing Yoga on a regular basis. It’s good for our bodies and it’s good for our minds. However, many people think that a Yoga Teacher Training program is only for those who want to teach Read More