There are so many yoga types how can I figure out which one will suit me?

You may or may not be aware that there a many different types of yoga practise out there and more appearing all the time. To get started try this brilliant quiz.

OK, I hear you say, but these yoga types mean nothing to me. The quiz told me which yoga type suits me but what do I do with that information?

The answer: you take a peek at the knowledgebase we have put together to help guide you on your yoga journey. Simply choose the tab your yoga type sits under to learn more about a particular type of yoga.

If you want to try out a fun quiz that aims to figure out your “Yoga personality” have a look at this questionnaire from Very Well Fit.

Or take a look at this very simple infographic – What yoga type suits you? 

It includes who each of the 6 types of yoga are perfect for and the main elements of the yoga practise- you may find drawn to one or another type of yoga practise. Alternatively try out different classes near you and see which yoga type fits you in that manner.

Is Yoga For Me

Curious about yoga but unsure where to begin?

Our guide offers a step by step guide to answer your questions

Everyone seems to be doing yoga these days, there’s Hilaria Baldwin contorting herself into all sorts of shapes in glamorous places and Gisele Bundchen striking a pose. There are also millions of ordinary men and women around the globe learning the art of yoga and incorporating elements of its moral code into their lives.

In this article I hope to show you how Yoga can benefit you, explain the different yoga types, help you identify which one might suit you, provide you with information about online yoga videos and how you can locate your nearest yoga class.

Yoga Therapy

Many of us love our yoga classes. Once a week we stretch and move in time with our breath and come out of the class feeling wonderful. That feeling may stay with us through the day, perhaps even into the evening, but at some point, we revert to our normal ways, forget to be aware Read More

Vinyasa Yoga: Sun Salutation

Vinyasa or flow yoga is when you synchronize your movements to your breath, and the moves all flow together. Breathing is very important, because you must move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale through the nose. Sun salutations is an important part of the Vinyasa yoga practice. Firstly, it can be a great Read More

What’s your yoga?

You want to take up yoga but are not sure which one would suit you. Try out this little quiz to see which type of yoga would suit you with regards to what you would like to achieve with Yoga. Infographic courtesy of Alison Hinks Yoga